A piece of Betel leaf

Good day good people

Ah.. beginilah kalau lama jari jemari ini tak pernah menyentuh keyboard: beku.. Bahkan untuk membuat satu paragraf saja rasanya seperti memeras lemon dengan jari kaki. Jangankan ngetik bahasa Inggris kaya dulu..buat paragraf dalam bahasa Indonesia saja sudah mirip jalannya bajaj kehabisan solar. Hiks..

Lebih tepatnya, bukan jari yang beku. Bukan. Ini bukan osteoartritis atau frozen finger. But, my brain especially my language part of my brain: oh My precious Wernicke and Brocca… Hypotrofi? Oh No no no!. T.T (nangis guling-guling). I have to warm up again and start to learn writing, because I feel like losing my self when I lose my ability to write and also my english world. (BIG NO)

I few days ago, father asked me to translate a student’s school task “write your story in English”. A student came to our internet cafe, she wrote her story in Indonesian language and brought it to our warnet. Yah, I was the person in charge in our internet cafe as the Indonesian-English translater so dad gave those person’s task to me. I wondered, why student now don’t use dictionary and do their homework by themselve instead of bring it to translater? Okay.. it may become the source of our income but, how will be the future of Indonesian generation if they always choose instant problem solution?




My Sweet Home

Good day good people

Tak terasa kita sudah di bulan September. Oh ya, hari ini adalah hari Manis Galungan. Satu hari setelah hari raya Galungan. Galungan kali ini menjadi Galungan yang spesial, yang akan saya kenang di Galungan-galungan berikutnya. Sebenarnya tidak ada yang berbeda perayaan Galungan kini dengan Galungan yang sebelumnya, hanya saja mungkin Galungan berikutnya akan berbeda. (Hahaha, apa sih.)

Sepertinya feeling ini pun juga dirasakan adik saya semata wayang: Dwi. Sehingga untuk pertama kalinya si bungsu ini mau berfoto dengan saya. Dan eh.. kami akhirnya membuat sebuah foto keluarga, saya, adik, dan kedua orang tua kami. Kenapa ngga dari dulu sih kaya gini? Hahaha, jadi makin berat kan..

Hm..oh ya, ini bangunan baru di rumah kami. Aji dan ibu benar-benar mengusahakan agar kami memiliki bangunan ini. Yah.. biar jadi tempat duduk untuk para tetua kalau ada acara-acara di rumah. Dulunya, tempat dimana kami berdiri ini adalah lapangan basket. Duh.. jadi kembali teringat dengan masa-masa kecil dulu.

Di sini, di rumah ini saya tumbuh besar. Di halaman rumah inilah dulu little me berlari dari ibu yang memaksa mandi, di halaman ini pula Aji dulu mengajari saya naik sepeda, halaman tempat saya dulu menanam tomat lalu sok jadi ilmuwan mengukur besarnya tomat, halaman tempat saya dan teman-teman bercucuran keringat main bola basket, dan.. so many things that across my mind about my childhood here.. :’)

Inilah tempat yang menjadi saksi diri saya bertumbuh besar (meskipun masih tetap kecil sih, hahaha), tempat inilah yang menaungi saya ketika panas dan hujan, tempat yang menyaksikan betapa kasih sayang dan cinta sejati kedua orangtua itu ada dan nyata.. :’)

In the end, home is not just a place where you live but people you live with. :’)



Embrace The Journey

“So often, we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey”-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Good day Good people,

Here we are, August 2016. I almost get lost from my blog about two months. Where was I? I have been in Emergency Unit as an emergency doctor.

I had transferred from a community health center to emergency unit since a month ago, from a slowly life (I mean, stabilize patients, can talk fluently) to the atmosphere where blood easily be found, naked wound, bone exposed, to unconscious patient with no heartbeat, where all of patients’ family stressed in worry, in hurry and sometimes hysteria. To say in a sentence: lot of tension.

I got ‘jet lag’ at the first week. maybe it just the phase of denial, hahaha. I almost stressed out and got sick. I had my body’s temperature 38 degree Celsius. You know, I had worried that I get dengue fever and have to check my full blood count (No! I don’t want!! I don’t want to be sick.. Who will help the patient then? *Honestly, I don’t want to be injected. hahaha)

The other thing that also got my time was my job as a secretary of a symposium. Hah, I forgot to share the pamphlet here. It was about Diabetes Mellitus and we got 8 speakers! Amazing right!

Dear J


Dear J,

How are you now? I hope you are doing fine. Long time  no see, I don’t know where are you right now, exactly. (Even we just met 2 days ago, but it feel so long and even I know you are in Jkt right now, hahaha).

I know you will laugh at me because of this letter. (I can hear you lough loudly there. –“). But it is okay. laugh is always good for our health. I want to write a letter for you. As you know, this is one thing that I am good at.

It has been one year since we knew each other for the first time. Many things happened in my life. Sometimes I become mad, sometimes my behavior just like a 5 years old girl. Angry, crying, jealous and all unreasonable things of me, Thank you for always listening and always understanding.

Sometimes, we had an argument and that hurt us, hurt each other. I am so sorry for all the bad thing I did. :(. Thank you, that you never give up on me, on us. When everyone see me as an angel, you are someone who know that I am still human that have imperfection, know all my bad side. Know that I can be mad, sometimes. But, you always say that it is okay and cheer me up when I feel sad. :’).

You know that I am not good at cooking, you know that I am not good at dress up. But you always say that I am a beautiful woman, (Hey, J..let’s go to check your vision, hahaha),say that I am a woman that you can live with, build a home together. :’) (I promise, I will learn how to cook. 😉

Thank you for making me laugh and make me smile everyday. You always try to make a joke to brighten up my day, to lift up my mood, throw away the black cloud above my head. :’). Hey J.. now, I can smile and show up my teeth). 😀

For all this time together, thank you. Thank you for becoming such a good person for me :). Thank you for loving me with all of my perfect imperfection. Thank you to make me feel that I am deserved to be loved. :). Hey J.. You are mean so much for me too.

(Thank you God, for sending him to save me:) )

I wrote this letter to celebrate our first year togetherness. 🙂

with so much love, ❤


your chococo:D

Deal with Insecurity

Good day good people,

What is insecurity? Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself. Have you ever feel insecure? Everyone once feel it, me too. Sometimes, because of some reasons, we feel insecure, feel incapable and feel that we are inferior compare to any other person. The other person seems like do better than us, more talented, more beautiful and soon.

But, hey. When you think you have many reasons to say that you are inferior, please stop for a while and look deep inside to yourself. We born to this world, because of important reasons.

Do you know, even the small bolt has important role in a big car.

Here are some good and inspiring video that I found in Youtube that can alleviate that insecure feeling. 🙂 Hope it helpful.

Something to think.. Sometimes we forget that we were born with our talent that different to others. Everyone has their flawless beside their imperfection. Nobody is totally perfect, but they are perfect just the way they are, and we are too.

If we compare our self to the other, we’ll find so much thing that we don’t have, but we forget that they, she or he also didn’t have what we already have. That is the thing that we never realize.

Maybe, you are not confidence to yourself. Please, Don’t do it. Be confidence to yourself.believe that you are enough. You are loved. 🙂

You are perfectly imperfect- Michelle Phan

Then.. How to build your confidence by Michelle Phan 🙂


because we are amazing, just the way we are.

with love,



The Portal Combat

source : http://milkthefranchise.com
source : http://milkthefranchise.com

Today, September 29, I and many post-graduate doctors In Indonesia were sitting in front of our PC. Anxiously looking at the web page “internship online” that still buffering, waiting for logging in and decided where will we spend a year of internship. It seemed very simply, right? But the truth, we felt it as a combat, a Portal Combat!

Since it would be like a combat, many of my friends have prepared the fastest internet device, some went to airport in order to get better internet connection, some went to cafe that provide hot spot wi-fi.

I and all of my friends were informed since a month ago about this web online based registration. Yesterday, we were reminded again that the time to log in is 07.55 (server time). Like many others, I already standby from 05.00 but we just sat and waited for the log in time. We afraid to start first or start before it’s time, because there is a sanction that we’ll be blocked if we log in before the 07.55

When the clock already was 07.55, we started to log in. But, the thing that we were afraid to happen, finally show up. Instead of log in, while trying to open the web page, the buffering stopped and showed “Web Page is not available”. I was not the only one person that got this problem, some of my friends found the same difficulty to log in. The Line Group became so noisy of our complains and it became worse when we knew the other friends already finished the registration process. We just anxious, afraid that the quota for doctor of hospital that we want to be in will be closed before we enter it.

The time was running and it already 10.30, and I was still in the page “web page is not available”. I went to internet cafe near my mansion, but it was closed. Still not open yet. I went back to my PC, but still the same. I asked the other friends who finished the registration, but they also found the same problem went try to re-log in. I cried, oh my god, I was a cry baby who didn’t know what to do. Then I called my father, the only superhero of a daughter right now. My father also tried to log in, but it was failed. Seemed like the server was down because of too many people tried to log in. On that losing-hope phase, I refreshed the page, again and again and prayed to God and leave to Him. I opened new tab and read another thing while waiting the refreshed page.

Suddenly, the portal was opened and my name was appeared. I could access the page and choose the hospital that I want. Thank you God. So much thank you.. Thank you to every friend I was asking for help, thank you to father that also helped, thank you for all of you that have prayed for me.

The Portal Combat was finished.

The Healthy Hearty Breakfast : Oat


Dear people, good morning. Did you have your breakfast this morning? I just had a bowl of oat milk.

Saya mungkin satu diantara banyak orang yang sudah termakan iklan. Iklan di tv yang menyajikan produk secara visualisasi kreatif memang sanggup membuat makanan biasa saja jadi terlihat istimewa dan akhirnya membuat konsumen ingin mencoba.

Ya, saya salah satu konsumen itu. Setelah melihat iklan dan merasa tergoda dengan tampilan kemasannya, akhirnya saya memutuskan membeli beberapa sachet Oat dan menyeduhnya pagi ini sebagai menu sarapan.

Setelah dicoba, ternyata rasanya enak. Apalagi isi potongan-potongan buah. Meskipun, yah.. buah kering yang pastinya sudah diawetkan, tapi rasa buahnya masih terasa. Strawberry yang sedikit asam dan bluberi yang manis.

Terlepas dari isi atau tidaknya potongan buah, oat yang terbuat dari gandum diketahui mengandung soluble fiber (serat) mampu menurunkan kadar LDL (low density lipoprotein) kolesterol jahat dalam darah. Selain oat, jenis makanan lainya yang mengandung soluble fiber yaitu apel, kacang, pear, dan buah plum (ada di Indonesia?)

Penumpukan kolesterol jahat dalam darah dapat menyebabkan hipertensi, dislipidemia, penyakit jantung koroner dan stroke. Berdasarkan data Departemen Kesehatan RI, diperkirakan bahwa kematian akibat penyakit kardiovaskuler di dunia pada tahun 2008 mencapai 17,3 juta jiwa. Angka ini diperkirakan akan terus meningkat sampai 23,3 juta jiwa di tahun 2030. Apakah kita akan termasuk diantaranya? Hm..

Berhubung Hari Jantung Sedunia sudah dekat, yang diperingati tiap 29 September, ada baiknya kita juga mengingat dan melakukan beberapa hal untuk menyayangi jantung kita. Caranya :

  1. Diet sehat. Makan makanan yang bergizi, kurangi makanan yang banyak kolesterol jahatnya dan perbanyak konsumsi makanan yang berserat dan bervitamin.
  2. Olahraga. Olahraga ringan selama 30 menit sekitar 2 sampai 3 kali seminggu akan membantu menjaga stamina dan meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh.
  3. Kurangi merokok dan konsumsi alkohol, bahkan lebih baik dihentikan.

Sayangi Jantung Anda.

with love,