Habit. I don’t have any habit since childhood. It is not because I didn’t like it. Believe me, I like it so much. The long ears are so cute, the fur is so soft and it eats carrot. Oh, I love the albino ones.

Okay. That’s not a funny joke. I just give an example, one of my habits : make a joke and read meme joke whenever I got stressed, sad or even just to make a convenient situation. I am not a comic of a stand up comedy. This habit maybe inherited genetically from my father. (Just for your information, my father also is not a comic but he love to tell stupid joke in front of me, mom, brother and all family. Even in front of his students!) Since this habit can make us laugh, I still continuing it.

my super old notes (but help me so much). Brother asks, “whose head is in this picture?”. Me : “human head, it doesn’t look like a head of a horse”

Call me a weirdo. If you once come in to my flat, you’ll see that my wall full of notes. You can see sticky notes everywhere that filled with quotes from every people whom I’ve met. it can cheer me up and fire up my spirit. Some notes are my medical notes. So don’t be surprised if you see some prescriptions in my wall, the picture of cranium (skull), and the picture of human skeleton (without skin, only muscle and bone). My brother once said, “Don’t you feel afraid whenever you go to sleep but you should see someone’s head without his body?”. Oh come one, guys. That picture help me to remember the anatomy of human body. I ignore my brother’s nonsense talk.

what I’ve done to the plastics

I am not a superhero, maybe just a minihero. The world is in crisis; monetary crisis, water crisis, oxygen crisis. But one thing that seems doesn’t fall into crisis : plastics, especially in my country. The use of plastics is uncontrolled. Here, I can see many things covered up by plastic. If you come to supermarket or mini market, you’ll get plastic to place your things. I am not a hypocrite, I still use plastic sometimes. But since college, I refuse to get the plastic if I can bring the things in my bag. I know it can’t help much. At least I can help by slowing down the process and reduce the use of plastics.

Actually, I still have many habits that I didn’t tell here. Maybe one day you’ll notice it in another post. They are jumping out, seriously.

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[EF #27] The Habits of Mine