Om swastyastu, May God be with you

My name is Eka Cahyani Dwy. Eka means one, Cahyani means light and Dwy is my Balinese family name (actually, Dewa Ayu). So the meaning behind those name simply: a light for my family. Haha. (no, I am serious).

I was born in a small village in Bali island, Tembuku village. I speak in Balinese, Indonesian, English and sometimes Japanese.  I raised in a small but happy family. My father is an English teacher who tough me English before I can speak in Bahasa, My mother is a house wife and also a great chef of my family who cook every delicious food for us, My younger brother is cool guy – that he always refuse to do selfie with me- he is an artist who can make a beautiful sketch, a photographer and yes, sometimes act like he is older than me. 🙂

Do angels really exist? The answer is yes they do and yes they are my family, definitely.

I was graduated from TK PGRI 1 Tembuku (kindergarten), then continue my compulsory education in SDN 1 Tembuku (elementary school), SMP N 1 Bangli (junior high school), SMA N 1 Bangli (senior high school) and then graduated as medical doctor in Udayana University, Faculty of Medicine.

IMG_6807 edt
“when a child had graduated, it is not her that great, but their parents”- Prof. Dr. dr. Astawa, SpOT

It is easy to mention all of the life phase, but in reality to walk through all of them isn’t simple as that. 🙂 But, thank you to my beloved God, my lovely family, my dear friends, all wise teachers and everyone for all of their pure love, endless support, believe and many things that I can’t count one by one.

I know that, it is God who make all of the path for me and my self just His servant to serve human by His Hands on these small hands. 🙂

I still love to read, write, listening to the music, watching TV and of course blogging 🙂

All I can say about myself, I am an ordinary woman who want help the people and inspire people. Thank you God, that I find so much happiness in this life.

I thought money can give happiness, until I realize that happiness comes from making other’s happiness

As mother Theresa said, “If you can’t do great things, at least you can do small things with a great Love


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