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The Month of Independency

I walked down the street this afternoon and realized that there was a different view from usual day. There were many national flags with various size decorated the street. Red and white flags spread the atmosphere of Indonesian’s independence day that will be celebrated on August 17th.

It has been 70 years, already. The rumor of this country is still the same : not all Indonesian people have got “the real independence”, the real freedom. In some places, there are many children who can’t get education, there are many people who live in poverty, without good home and good food. Ah, it is easy to criticize, isn’t it?

Although all of that imperfection, this is the country where I was born twenty and something years ago. A place where I have eat their rice, drink their water, breath the air. I LOVE INDONESIA, and still love till the time comes to close my eyes.

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for your country” – JF Kennedy


From the Darkness to Light, Be the Light, Enshrine the Light


Appreciations to woman is never reach its end. After mother’s day (December 22), International Woman Day (March 8),  last April 21 in Indonesia we celebrated Kartini day. Kartini, who is known as R.A Kartini is a pioneer who strive for Indonesian woman’s right. R.A Kartini wrote her thoughts about woman’s right in her letters entitled From Darkness to Light. Every year, we celebrate Kartini Day to remind us of her struggling in establishing woman’s emancipation.

Celebrating Kartini Day is not merely about buns in the back of head and  wearing national custom. The important thing of a celebration is an evaluation. To evaluate whether Indonesian woman already got their emancipation then we should focus on some basic systems, they are education, health, politic, social and economic right.

Indonesian government has implement gender equality in many aspects of life. Now we can see that a woman can achieve higher education and work in their passion; police woman, doctor, teacher, professor, and even president! It was showed that there are no difference right between woman and man in chasing the same education, politic, social and economic right.

Have we already moved From Darkness to Light?

The data from Directorate General of Higher Education at 2014 noted that there are 52% from total Indonesian woman are obtaining the compulsory education. We can see that the number  above are still less, compare to India who reach 61%. Its mean there are still Indonesian women who are not exposed to basic education. The question are: Where are they? Why don’t they get the basic education?

We already knows about some prostitution issue and woman trafficking in Indonesia. Lately, prostitution and woman trafficking issue that happen to teenage woman already uncovered. Why that thing could happen? I think, if they have a good economical background, maybe none will choose that pathway of life. So, can we say that there are still woman who didn’t achieve economical right yet?

The news also said that mother mortality rate (MMR) in Indonesia is still high and far from MDGs, while now we have to prepare to SDGs. From the last Indonesian health and demographic survey of year 2012 it was said that the MMR was 359 for every 100.000 live birth which means 16.155 mother was dead because of pregnancy and delivery complications.

According to WHO, there are ten top issue of woman’s health problem, they are cancer, reproductive health, maternal health, HIV, sexually transmitted disease, woman’s violence, mental health and noncommunicable disease. Even being young and getting older also belongs to WHO concern for woman’s health problem.

As someone who work in health system, these issues will become my concern too. Not only as a medical team, not only as a person who has a chance to get a better education, but also as a woman who want to bring another sister to a better situation, the question to myself :

“How will you contribute to fix this issue?”


Be the Light

We realize that there are still some place around us which are in darkness. Dear woman, emancipation is not just striving for your right. Remember that great power, comes great responsibility. We who already lighten have the task to light the others.

The big question in my mind

What can we do?

There are many organization that work for woman empowerment. I still haven’t join them yet. Although, I hope that my everyday serve to human, to my patient, at least could bring a better health right to woman. Beside, this blog too.

In 2015, in too many countries, “women’s empowerment” remains a pipedream – little more than a rhetorical flourish added to a politician’s speech…

Dr Flavia Bustreo, Assistant Director General Family, Woman and Children’s health

Finally, I think this post doesn’t give any solution for the woman’s problem we have faced. I hope that this simple post can make us re-thinking and do a reflection, to open our eyes that we still have many tasks to continue RA Kartini’s struggling for woman’s right.

Happy (belated) Kartini Day,

with love, eka cahyanidwy


[EF#16] Why Story Telling?

It is said that child is like a piece of white paper. What we draw on it, it will become what they are. That means how we teach them will affect to how they will be in the future. Parents have to tell them about moral value of human to make sure that they will become a good person when they already grown up.

There are many ways of parents to built up moral value in their child. They can teach their child in everyday conversation. The more interesting way of teaching will attract their attention, so parent can choose games or story telling for their children.

Why Story Telling?

We already discussed about games and now we would like to discuss about story telling. Dr. Bruce Perry , the expert of brain development and children in  crisis said that,

Human beings are storytelling primates. We are curious, and we love to learn.

Human, especially children is best learn with a “story-telling” system. When we give only factual information or the moral value in a sentence, without inserting anecdote and another concept related, the brain will easily fatigue. Story telling system means we give the factual information -in this case: our moral value- with the insertion of anecdote, concept and a novelty-seeking element of brain. All of those things are provided in a form of tale that we can deliver it to our children.

How to Deliver it Well?

1. Attract their attention

As Dr. Perry said, “learning need attention”, firstly we have to make our tale-telling interesting. Use any equipment like dolls, drawing, tablet with visual effect or your hand’s shadow can complement your tale-telling.

2. Be Enthusiastic

Deliver your story with a good intonation, changing your voice for every character and a drop of tear for sad situation will enhance and inspirit your tale-telling. Be enthusiastic and children will be more concern to your tale. Give your children a role, or a sensible touch to them when the tale have a catching part is another example that you can apply.

Information is easiest to digest when there is emotional “seasoning” — humor, empathy, sadness, and fear all make “dry” facts easier to swallow. Give a fact or two; link these facts into related concepts. Move back to the narrative to help them make the connection between this concept and the story. Go back to another fact. Reinforce the concepts. Reconnect with the original story. In and out, bob and weave, among facts, concept, and narrative.- Dr. Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

3. Repetitive not continuous

Choose a time to deliver our story and scheduled the amount of time to deliver it. It is better to have a tale-telling repetitively than continuously for long hours. The brain can memorize the information by registering it first, retention (save the information) and recall (remember it again). Repetitively telling the tale will activate the recall system.

Are There Any Tales from Bali?

Every country, every region must have their own folklore. When I was child, my father was someone who was feeding me with Balinese folktale. These are some Balinese folktale I’ve remember:

1. Pedanda Baka

Pedanda Baka by Ida Bagus Wiri
credit for : The tricky stork disguise his self as a priest and ate the fish

This is a fable that tells about a stork who disguise his self as priest. He told to all fish in the pond that the pond would receded that they had to move soon. But the tricky stork was lie, when in spite of helping them to move from pond, he ate the fish one by one. Unfortunately, the crab detected it and then cut the stork’s neck by tweezers. The meaning behind the story is : don’t be a greedy ones that it can bring bad luck for you.

2.  I Siap Selem (The black hen)

This is maybe the most popular fable when I was child, tells about a black hen named Siap Selem and her 7 chicks. The youngest chick named Doglagan (means have no feather) and he couldn’t fly because he had no feather as wings. The chicken family were trapped in storm situation that they decided to settle in weasel’s house. But, as we know the weasel want to eat them. But, the black hen was cleverer that they could run away from weasel’s house.

Unfortunately, the youngest Doglagan was left behind. Like his mother, He made many clever reasons to make the weasel won’t eat him (he said that his body is bitter and won’t satisfy the weasel) until he had grown his feather and then runaway from weasel’s house. The meaning of the story : be a smart one, so you can overcome your problems.

3. Cupak and Grantang

This story tells about two brotherhood, Cupak the elder and his brother: Grantang. This story almost like Kesuna and Bawang. There is one (Grantang) symbolized the good and another (Cupak) symbolized the bad. Grantang is the diligent one, hardworker and honest and his elder brother was the contrary. Grantang always get bullied by his brother until he decided to go away from home. Cupak, altough bad but did not want to lose Grantang so he went for Grantang.

They walked away untill they arrived at Kediri kingdom and there was announcement that the princess of Kediri was kidnapped by Benaru, the giant one. Everyone who could save the princess could marry her and would be the next king in Kediri. Cupak and Grantang attended the competition. Grantang was the brave one, he fought the giant and defeated him at the deep cave.

But unfortunately, Cupak tought that Grantang was dead in the fight. Cupak brought the princess back to the kingdom and left Grantang behind. The king was glad to see His daughter and as he promised to them who could save his daughter, the King of Kediri than replaced by Cupak.

By the time, Grantang used the Benaru’s bone to climb up the cave. He saved by an old person who didn’t have child. Grantang became their son. When the old person vend in the market, the Princess of Kediri suddenly remember about the one who had saved her from Benaru and wanted to go to the old person’s home, to meet Grantang. And then they met.

The princess take Grantang along with her to the Puri (kingdom) and in short Grantang replaced Cupak as the King in Kediri. The most part I love : They live happily ever after. The story’s value : Be the honest one, diligent, hard worker, brave and always follow the right path then you’ll be a great person. This story is so popular until one of music band in Bali make a song about it. Triple X with Cupak Grantang, available at youtube.

Something to Think About?

Like games, the folklore of Indonesia is also a part of our culture from generation to generation. Beside as a way to teach moral value, a tale-telling before sleep could become our effort to save that treasure.


Finally, I can post at the right time : Friday and accomplished my third submission for BEC weekly challenge 🙂 To dear admin, Thank you for this opportunity. Maybe when I have a child, I can read this again to remind me how to tell a story and what story to tell and thanks to my father for every good story including jokes which made me remember it last longer.

with love, eka cahyanidwy

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Today, our point of view of games has changed recently. Many years ago, games were associated with children, form of playing or sport and sometimes related to outdoor activity. By now, we can see that playing games doesn’t have any age limitation; from child to adult can play games. Games also can be played indoor and even easier. The gadget era today has brought us many games that have much more variation, more interesting and easy to get: just by clicking, downloading and then we can start playing the game.


Brain Training and Activation

When playing a game, another part of the brain will be activated, according to what type of game that we played. Game that need visual and spatial ability, music games, game that need interpretation will activate your right brain. In another side, game that involve your memory recall, mathematical computation, logic thinking and language will train your left brain.

Muscle Training

Sport is also a kind of game. Do some sports or any playing activity outside home (dance, futsal, badminton, etc) will train our muscle, burn some excess calories, train our cardiovascular organ, detoxifying our body and of course will give us a healthy body. Now, the games that are in our gadget only train the digiti minimi muscle; muscle of our fingers. But, there are some applications that still help us how to exercise well by using exercise track record, calorie burner, any kind of work out application.

Coping with Stress

Playing game is one of many other ways to cope up with stress. Playing games provide us a distraction from stress and some type of games can give us relaxation. The feeling when you win the games can repair your mood. But, it should be noticed that many of games now provide more challenges. Instead of evade us from stress, it can vest us more stress and addiction.


(credit for Tajog/egrang/joglagan

Social Aspect

Games can be played in group and solo. Many type of games before were played in a group. I remember when I was child, I would meet my friends to play game. Playing game was one thing that could unite us and made us had the feeling of togetherness among ourselves. Playing game tighten our bond and friendship. Now, some children prefer to play solo. They might connected by internet connection, LAN, and any other sharing tool, but they may lose eye contact, touch, sweat and maybe another thing that they can’t get while playing together.

Cultural Aspect

Game is also one of another pillars of culture in Indonesia. Indonesia has many traditional games and today our children don’t know much about them. When, I was child I used to play cingklak (like marble game, but use small stones, different with congklak), tambak-tambakan (like gobak sodor) and my favorite one is playing joglagan/enggrang. Now, those games only played when independence day, August 17 and the contestant were they who are the same age with me, because maybe our children don’t know how to play it. I’m bit worried, if one day the generation who know how to play them get old, couldn’t play them, the traditional games will be vanished too.

Economical Aspect

The new form of games can be economically worthy if we know how to make online games or games application. According to, in 2014 Indonesian people who use smartphone are about 38 million people and it was estimated that total revenue for online PC games in Indonesia about 136.5 million US dollars. It would become benefit to Indonesian technopreneur. I tried to search some online games, but still many of them were created by people from another country. Only few online games or application were produced by Indonesian people. We should appreciate that Indonesia still have people who are creative and competitive.


Like any other tools in life, games could be benefit for us when we use it in a right manner. Games can train your brain, help you to cope with stress and make you more healthy. Games can be a bell that remind us of our culture. Games can be a site of business, bring you out an income. But, we should also remember too much playing games can destroy our study, our work, our life and put out the money from our pocket. At the end, the balance is the key to avoid the bad influence.

The concern should also focused on children that playing the games. Again, the parents are the one who take the responsibility to manage their children. Choose wisely the game that suitable to your children according to their age. Now many parents use their gadget to calm down their children, but never think what the implication to their children. Our children will depend on gadget, they may addicted to it, they might lose the feeling of togetherness, they might don’t have the sweet memories like we used to when we were child and played our games.

Let us back again to that time, let us play the old games that we had left 🙂 and, be wise to use gadget.

with love, cahyanidwy


This is the second time for me to submit my post to BEC‘s weekly challenge. Honestly, I would like to submit it at Friday like its name, English Friday weekly challenge. But, I’m afraid on that day I’m on duty and will be late to submit my post. So, to dear admin, it is okay then?

with so much love,

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill


Dua hari lalu hasil “ujian besar” akhirnya diumumkan. Setelah sebulan lamanya menunggu -dengan perasaan yang cukup waswas- the result finally came out. Awalnya, hasil ujian dikatakan akan keluar tanggal 25 Maret. Namun, sehari sebelum tanggal keramat itu, di group Dxt (grup angkatan saya) sudah ramai teman-teman yang berucap syukur, ada juga yang memberi semangat. Ada apa gerangan?

Ternyata, daftar kelulusan UKMPPD yang kami ikuti Februari lalu telah terupload. Saya mencari per halaman, memperhatikan baik-baik, mencari nama saya. Ketemu. Saya menemukan nama saya di daftar kelulusan itu. Tak terkira lagi perasaan syukur dan langsung mencium kaki ibu yang saat itu duduk disamping saya. Ibu langsung menelepon Aji. Kami berbahagia dan bersyukur. Terima kasih Tuhan, terima kasih telah mengabulkan doa kami. Terima kasih juga kepada sahabat-sahabat dimanapun berada yang telah mendukung dan mendoakan. 🙂 I am nothing without all of you.

Kata “lulus” sungguh seperti sebuah berkah. Dulu saya pernah mengecap kelulusan yang tertunda saat masih kuliah. Hal itu sempat membuat saya jatuh dan kehilangan kepercayaan terhadap diri sendiri. Namun hal itu juga yang kemudian mengajari saya untuk menghargai setiap keberhasilan yang Tuhan berikan, lebih bersyukur, lebih berkerja keras, berusaha, berdoa dan tidak mengeluh. Kegagalan juga yang telah mengajari saya untuk tidak sombong tat kala berhasil. Seperti roda yang terus berputar, kadang di bawah kadang di atas. Jika keberhasilan membuat kita takabur, mungkin kita tak akan diijinkan untuk mengecapnya.

Seorang teman pernah berkata pada saya, “Setiap orang memiliki jatah gagal dan berhasil”. Jika menemui kegagalan, anggaplah sedang menghabiskan jatah gagal. Mungkin di kesempatan lain yang lebih besar kamu akan menemukan keberhasilan. Jika berhasil pun jangan sombong, jangan puas diri dulu. Teruslah berkarya, bekerja, berusaha dan berdoa.

Ini bukanlah akhir, perjalanan baru saja dimulai…

With love,