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[EF#28] The Otang

Good day good people,

What is Otang? Is it an animal? a thing? a name of new found planet?

source :
source :

When I tried to search in Google, I found it was a brand of a board’s wheel. But, this Otang is different from it. Otang is a word that only knew by my family. It is a secret word and now that word is not a secret again. Why it can be a secret? Is it such a spell? I hate to admit, but yes. It is a magic spell that can throw me back to the past time, many years ago when I was a little girl.

I didn’t remember exactly, how that word can be found. I was about 4 or 5 years old at that time when I learn to sing a song. But, this little girl was not like the other cute girl that sang “Twinkle-twinkle little star”, “Pelangi-pelangi” and another kid song. This little girl sang a bit hard and thoughtful song of Iwan Fals : Bongkar!

It is not a surprise since my father is a big fan of Iwan Fals. So my childhood’s songs are the full collection from Iwan Fals’s song album. So, when my little ears heard the song, and my mouth repeated it, instead of saying “Bongkar”, I said “Otang”. So the song that actually:

“O-o-ya o-ya o ya Bongkar, O o ya o ya o ya Bongkar”

became :

“O-o-ya o ya o ya Otang.. O-o-ya-o-ya-o ya Otang”

That was the true meaning of Otang.

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Habit. I don’t have any habit since childhood. It is not because I didn’t like it. Believe me, I like it so much. The long ears are so cute, the fur is so soft and it eats carrot. Oh, I love the albino ones.

Okay. That’s not a funny joke. I just give an example, one of my habits : make a joke and read meme joke whenever I got stressed, sad or even just to make a convenient situation. I am not a comic of a stand up comedy. This habit maybe inherited genetically from my father. (Just for your information, my father also is not a comic but he love to tell stupid joke in front of me, mom, brother and all family. Even in front of his students!) Since this habit can make us laugh, I still continuing it.

my super old notes (but help me so much). Brother asks, “whose head is in this picture?”. Me : “human head, it doesn’t look like a head of a horse”

Call me a weirdo. If you once come in to my flat, you’ll see that my wall full of notes. You can see sticky notes everywhere that filled with quotes from every people whom I’ve met. it can cheer me up and fire up my spirit. Some notes are my medical notes. So don’t be surprised if you see some prescriptions in my wall, the picture of cranium (skull), and the picture of human skeleton (without skin, only muscle and bone). My brother once said, “Don’t you feel afraid whenever you go to sleep but you should see someone’s head without his body?”. Oh come one, guys. That picture help me to remember the anatomy of human body. I ignore my brother’s nonsense talk.

what I’ve done to the plastics

I am not a superhero, maybe just a minihero. The world is in crisis; monetary crisis, water crisis, oxygen crisis. But one thing that seems doesn’t fall into crisis : plastics, especially in my country. The use of plastics is uncontrolled. Here, I can see many things covered up by plastic. If you come to supermarket or mini market, you’ll get plastic to place your things. I am not a hypocrite, I still use plastic sometimes. But since college, I refuse to get the plastic if I can bring the things in my bag. I know it can’t help much. At least I can help by slowing down the process and reduce the use of plastics.

Actually, I still have many habits that I didn’t tell here. Maybe one day you’ll notice it in another post. They are jumping out, seriously.

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[EF #27] The Habits of Mine


[EF #26] The Reason Why We Should See Them

Dentist and her terrified patient
Dentist and her terrified patient. source :

Even now, while thinking about going to dentist, I can feel a bitter taste in my mouth. When I was child, dentist is one of many scary thing that I don’t want to meet beside grasshopper, mongoose and owl. I don’t know why I am scare to that cute animals, but I know I am afraid to dentist because the sound of their dental tool, especially the one that sound like drill. I also afraid when dentist hold their “pliers” like cunam, to pull my tooth. And, I hate the freeze taste on my gum after it. Hahaha, if only I knew that it was the anesthetic to make me don’t feel pain while my tooth was pulled.

After all of that I have learnt in my college, going to dentist is such a must thing. Do you know how is the pain of a toothache? Our Dangduters singer even say that it is more painful than “a broken heart” (or vice versa?).

Ok, it is not so important, what is between them that is more painful, but a hole in your tooth can impact to make a defect to your heart. Poor oral hygiene is the cause of many dental health problems. The bacteria that live in poor oral health can escape to bloodstream. You know that blood will be pump by heart. The bacteria that flow in the bloodstream can colonize in heart valve and destroy your heart valve causing rheumatic fever and the worse is rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Look at the RHD, the defect in the heart valve cause it hard to pump the blood. SCARY!

It is more scary to have that disease rather than go to dentist, Isn’t it?

wanna have a bright smile? Go to dentist! source:
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[EF#20] Best Partner in Life

Let’s call this person as E, because we have the same initial name.

Who is E?

E is my friend ever after. I met E since I was child, when I knew how to use my frontal lobe part of brain. We were in the same elementary school, in the same junior high school and then senior high school. E also was in the same university and the same faculty. We are good friends till today and maybe for the rest of my life.

How does this person mean to me?

E is my great savior which help me overcome my life’s problem, but E could become my burden at the same time if I don’t be assertive. I would just hand over all of my matter to E and E will solve it fast and preciously. My friend is not a robot tough work result as good as robot, even better.

E could be a friend to everyone, but E always attach to me. Of course, we’re just like another half and in one soul. But, one thing that I should remember in maintaining our symbiosis is I need to tell E and teach E about everything I’ve learnt trough book or trough our experience together.

Beside God, E is my closest one but also the most forgotten person.

Sometimes I am too busy with my day and forget to talk to E and the next day I’ll feel that I’m losing E. The worst thing I’ve ever did to E is didn’t realize that E has done many things for me. Sometimes I become too hard to E, underestimate E. E usually support me, but I always forget to say thank you to E but this person is never mind with that. I help another person, I praise another friend but seldom talk up to E.  I’m easily to say ‘yes’ to another person, but usually become too hard to E. I fell in love to another person but seldom show some love to E. In the end, I’ll just say sorry and again E is okay with that.

After many thing that we shared together, I know that E is the kindest one to me (beside God, my family and best friend). Tough happy time or the bad times, tough in crowded or in lonely days. But until I realize this person to me, I never feel lonely again.

Beauty is so hard to see. Carried deep in things around us. Surrounding things like you and me. never goes away.

Where ever I go, I am not alone. Cause at the end of the day I always find my way.

Thank you E for every time we’re together. Thank you for becoming my best partner, E.. Eka Cahyani, myself at all. 😀

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity” – Katrina Mayer

Dear friend, have you love yourself enough?

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“I want to meet someone by an accident, but stay on purpose” -anonymous

It is said that if we meet someone, we had a debt with that person. The largest the debt, the longer we had chance to be with that person. It is the reason why we were born in a such family, have parents like our parents now, have best friends when senior high school while another person already had best friend since junior high school.

It is also the reason why some persons came to our life, but not all of them could stay for long time. Even they came as our family member, friends, and maybe a special someone.

Even some couples that had got married, who believed it as a fate, but then have to be separated when they finally pay back their debt to each other.

“Some people come to our life and stay, but some of them only come to give us lessons, for us to learn”

When we realize it, then we can let go everyone who come and goes. We might hurt at that time, but then as our comprehension grows deeper, we will be thankful for every lessons they had tough.

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they are yours. If they don’t, they never were” – Kahlil Gibran

Those, Kahlil Gibran said it firmly in explicit sentence, yet trenchant when he said “never were”. Though,  we could not be so cruel to think that somebody is never were, we can choose to let it be buried with the time had passed. Only bring the lessons so we can be better in the future.:)

Finally, we’ll agree that the most important people now is them whom be with us now or one day.

There are many kind of ginger cookies, some are sweet, some are bitter. Learn from the past mistake so we can make a new delicious ginger cookie.

To everyone, I hope this post encourage you and I wish you’ll find someone better 🙂


with love,

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Because I write for the joy of writing

with much more love,