[om Swastyastu, May the God be with you.

Dear friends,

Firstly, I hope that you and your beloveds are in a good health. Thank you for having extra time to read this page. 🙂  You might be want to know what does my blog talk about.

  • Some of Medical Notes

Since I was a medical student, I’ve wanted to write everything that I’ve learnt. But, on that days I was incompetent enough to write about them. Now, after finished my college,  I think I could give you some health information confidently. Most of them are written in Bahasa to make it easier to be read for Indonesian people. 🙂 If you need some health information in English, you might visit NEJM, CDC and WHO 🙂

  • Some are Lalala Life

This post category is about my personal life, including all of my favorite things, my diary, self reflection and everything that make me feel that I have a blessed wonderful life. Some are written in Bahasa, some are in English..according to my life’s situation. Haha. From year to year, this blog just showed how my soul grow up. You might laugh at my early post, you might say “so this is you many years ago?”.  🙂 Ah, I’ll let them as they were, as my capsule time 🙂

  •  Some are what heart saying

Just like the title above, anything that my heart and also my brain want to say about everything happens around me. 🙂

My only hope, what I’ve written here could help you, inspire you or at least bring you a smile in your lips

Thank you God, finally I have a blog 🙂 and thank you for every good people I met here and be my friends. Dear friends, thank you for stopping by, don’t forget to leave your blog address so I can have a blog walking to yours.

Then, here is the gate of my blog. welcome to my kingdom… 🙂



4 thoughts on “Blog-Gate

  1. Thanks for stopingby, liking, and followingmy blog. I think we have similarities, my blog is my world, my home, the place who we can feel free, absolutly free..

    Its nice to meet you, cheers..

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