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Banyu Pinaruh Day

Om swastyastu good people, namaste.

Today, let me tell you one kind of Balinese tradition according to Puri Bangli’s custom that was held on Banyu Pinaruh day. I think it’s special because in Puri, the old tradition is still run by every generation. So let’s check it out.

Banyu Pinaruh day is the day after Saraswati Day. Saraswati day comes every six months on Saniscara (Saturday) Umanis Watugunung so as Banyu Pinaruh day comes twice a year on Redite (Sunday) pahing Sintha (Balinese calendar). Banyu means water, Pinaruh means knowledge. So Banyu Pinaruh means the holy water that the same like good/holy knowledge or wisdom to clean our mind and soul.

In the morning, on Banyu Pinaruh Day, Balinese will have melukat before we pray in the temple. When we do melukat, we splatter the holy water or kumkuman (a water with flower soaked in it until it become a fragrant water) to our head and body. Some people go to the beach, river, lake or spring water to wash all over the body, that are the same like melukat. This procession mean to clean our soul with the Banyu Pinaruh.

After cleaning our body (and mind) we pray at our family temple and offer banten (offerings) to our God, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Beside, we also bring labaan to be offered to the atma (God in our body/soul).

Labaan is an offering consist of rice (usually yellow rice), shrimp, fish, meat, eggplant, bittermelon, egg, beans, etc., all cooked and be served like this:

After praying and offered the labaan, then we eat the labaan, ginemule, bantal and drink loloh. Ginemule and bantal are Balinese special cake (?). Hm, I don’t find the proper word for this kind of food. Those are like snack that made from sticky rice mixed with sugar or brown sugar, coconut, wrapped up by banana leaf or coconut leaf and then steamed until it ready to be served.

I am sorry I forgot to capture them. T.T. Don’t worry next time (maybe six month later) I will provide the picture for you. You must try them. >_<

Happy Saraswati and Banyu Pinaruh Day,

may the wisdom be with you!

with love,


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

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