I Am Back (Again)

Dear Good People,

It has been a very looooooooong time we didn’t met each other, I mean by literally. There are so many reasons why I vacuum for such a long time. But, just let it go. Now I am comeback after I can adapt to my new atmosphere, after I have time, have my laptop and my idea that keep bursting out from my brain, and of course after I have many stories that I couldn’t keep it all by myself.

Firstly I hope you are definitely in very healthy condition, in happy feeling and be with all of your beloved person. I am here, almost the same. I am healthy, happy and be with my beloved one, even though far away from my parents but they are always close to my mind, stay in my heart.

Okay then, let me begin the story of my journey as a PTT doctor in a Public Health Center at a regency in East Nusa Tenggara. I have worked here since June, honestly since last week of May 2017. This public health center has general clinic, emergency unit, wards, emergency room for obstetric and wards for obstetric patients. I start my working day since 08.00 in the morning. We have morning report before we start our serving. Actually, I serve the patient at 09.00 after the morning report and it will be until 13.00 or sometimes 14.00 if there are many patients, especially in busy day like Monday and Tuesday, often we have about 60 patientsJ. Cool isn’t it?

From general clinic, I continue to visit my patients at wards and emergency unit where often we have patient that need to be observed. Yaa.. we have patient in the wards. Almost every day, haha. After from the wards, my job isn’t finish yet. I still have to visit my obstetric patients at obstetric wards. This is it. The childbirth rate here, I can say is higher than the public health center while I was an internship doctor. Here also almost every day we have women that giving birth. So, what time is I back home? Usually 15.00 to 16.00. At home, I take a nap for a while and have my late lunch and then about 17.00 or 18.00 there will be patient come to emergency unit because of diarrhea, breathless, headache, vomiting and if it is special day.. like party season, we’ll have accident victim, the stroke hemorrhagic, angina pectoris and cases that need to be referred to hospital. Sometimes, I back home again at 21.00. If there is a patient which is need close monitoring, I have to come back again to emergency unit at 23.00 and at 04.00 at the next day. Isn’t it incredible? I am working 24 hours in seven days. Okay, Sunday we don’t have general clinic but I still have to visit my patients in the ward just to make sure their condition. Sometimes, Sunday or in national holiday we also have outdoor health promotion. So, don’t ask when I have holiday, because maybe there is no such a 24 hours free duty, only few hours and let me just say holi-hours. Just like this time, I just comeback from wards, having a little time and feeling it is so precious hours for me to take a breath.


Okay, you can call me now a superhero. Working like mutant, less sleep, late eat. I didn’t know where I got the power. So I know, God is the one who close to me transferring His energy and of course the support from husband and family become the source of my strength.

Don’t ask how much government pay you, because people said our profession should not talking about money. Ironically, some people take advantage of it. So let just I am hoping that God will protect my family, in law, so It will be gift for me more than enough.

I hope that God will always give me strength, give me sincere heart, give me a patiently soul so I can serve human with smile and kindness.

Dear people, maybe I am not 100% the good one, but deep in my heart I always want to be as good as possible. Forgive me if I am wrong and let me thank you for your kind attention. 🙂

With love


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