A Revenge

via Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

Dear good people,

In this life, sometimes we meet the ‘uneasy person’. Person who talk the bad behind us, who try to fail us, drag us down or misbehave to us. Of course, we get angry because of them. Deep inside our heart is burned and often we get the intention to do a revenge.Β 

There are many ways to do a revenge and it will be more various ways if you are psychopath. But, I hope you will think the other way. This idea came when I hear Selena Gomez’s song:

The world can be a nasty place. You know it, I know it. You don’t have to fall from grace. Put down the weapons you fight with.Β Kill ’em with kindness, kill ’em with kindness

We are running out of time, chasing the lies. Everyday a small of piece you dies. Always somebody, you are willing to fight, to be right. Your lies are bullet, your mouth’s gun. And, no one in anger was ever won. Put out the fire, before igniting.

Next time you’re fighting. Kill them with kindness.

This song have a great meaning and the wisdom inside it. Instead of using weapon, we can choose kindness to revenge them. Maybe sometimes we feel it hard to do and we’ll think that it is unfair for us. But, as the old proverb says “the one who give love, also own the love for them self”.


I usually listening to this song to remind myself when I get upset of people. Instead of using the word ‘kill’ I change it into ‘heal’. Why should we kill when we can heal?

Heal with kindness. Not only them that will be healed but also our self.

with love πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “A Revenge

  1. nice thought dear πŸ™‚ . yes, we tend to do the revenge, but on the other it somehow kills us instead of killing them.

    1. Momvyyyyyy.. I am so glad to see you here. Did you know the last time I wanna visit your blog, but it seemed disappear. I thought you blocked me or moving to another blog without confirm to me.. Ah, forget it. I am very happy you comeback :D. Yup, I am absolutely agree with you momvy..therefore I don’t wanna kill but heal πŸ˜€

      1. if you read my frist post in my new (yet old) blog, you would know my stupid decision. but I did not regret it. in fact I’ve come to a thought that I’ll find my self through my writing which I didn’t do before. hopefully I can get to this phase one day. anyway, how’s your life there?! hope everything all right there. keep yourself productive, okay. if you haven’t been able to cure a patient, don’t worry to much. God knows how good you are at this doctor thing. He’ll keep you busy as He has given you a lot of opportunities before. I’m sure He doesn’t want yo see you waste it. He’s just preparing you for something bigger. watch Him! 😊

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