Another Sunday at Kelimutu Lake

Good day Good people,

How are you? I am very well. I hope you too.

Yesterday was Sunday (of course! Everyone in Indonesia agree with that). I was so happy because I and J went to the one of the amazing place in Flores : Kelimutu Lake. Honestly, we went there because J will have a meeting in the next day at, He took me along and we came by to Kelimutu lake. 😆

Our Preparation

We woke up about 5 o’clock. (1 hour late from our plan before). It was raining in the morning and we thought that we would failed our trip to Kelimutu. I prepared for his coffee and my milk coffee, prepared for a bottle of mineral water and brought our ‘terang bulan’. While we were having our breakfast, the rain stopped. We were so happy that I forgot to bring our umbrella to the car. 😅 ( Thanks god, we didn’t forget to turn off the electricity and lock our home).

Our trip

Along our way to Kelimutu Lake, we heard all songs from my flashdisk. Hahaha. So I could sang all the time while J added the backsound 😂. *Pam pam pam..pam pam pam*. 

We went trough the street from Maumere to Wolowaru. J told about his responsibility for watching and observe the street’s work about 79 km. (I am proud of him 😁).

The street of J and team. So smooth 😃
Hills and local people’s farm field

Because it is located in high lands, the weather here is felt a bit cool yet fresh. It is better to bring your jacket or sweater.

Here We Are

After about 2 hours and 30 minutes car driving, we found the entrance to Taman Nasional Kelimutu area. There, we paid the entrance ticket for two adults and a car total about rupiahs.

From here, we continued our trip for about 20 minutes. Along the way, I saw many big trees, like we were into a forest. (Surely it was).

There is a statue without name before we arrived at the parking area. Maybe it was the statue of the Geologist who did research or who invented Kelimutu (?).

Parking area, the stairways will lead us the way to Kelimutu Lakes

From parking area, we continued our trip by walking to the top of the mountain along the stairway. Don’t worry, the way here is not so extreme and already good. 

There were monkeys that greet us

Beware if you bring some foods because there are monkeys here. When I and J brought our Instant noodle, a monkey starred at us and chased after us. I was so scared 😂. Fortunately, J starred back at that monkey and seems like it scared to J. Thanks god, our noodles were safe.

About Kelimutu Lakes

Near Ata Polo Lake

Mountain Kelimutu was first discovered by a Dutch military officer: B. Van Schutelen at 1915. At 1920, Kelimutu had its first scientific announcement. Kelimutu became more popular after Y. Bouman wrote about it at 1929. Mt. Kelimutu last erupted at 1963. It became Recreation Park since 1982 and became National Park since 1992. It has 3 craters which height of wall crater about 90-150 m.

The Myth About Kelimutu Lakes

Mt. Kelimutu has 3 craters lake with different and changing colour over the time. The exact cause of changing colour still unknown but it is related with the chemical reaction of minerals inside the lake and the weather. The colour changes without clue before its changing.

There is an old myth about Kelimutu lakes. Once upon a time there was a very kind person named Ata Mbupu. There was also a witched that like to eat human named Ata Polo. Both of them were best friend despite of their different character. One day, there was a couple of orphan, named Ana Kalo who asked for protection to Ata Mbupu. 

Ata Polo found that children and want to eat them. Ata Mbupu realized that couldn’t defeat Ata Polo so Ata Mbupu run away to the base of earth. An earthquake happened and buried Ata Polo. The Ana Kalo also died and buried by the earthquake.

From the place where Ata Mbupu died, came out a blue water and it became Ata Bupu Lake (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) the lake of old people. Red water came out from the place of Ata Polo died, became Ata Polo Lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) the lake of bad/bewitched people. Between them, from where Ana Kalo buried, came out green water became Nuwa Muri Koo Fai Lake, the lake for youth.

The people here believed that after human die, their soul will remain in Kelimutu and live at one of Kelimutu Lakes depend on age and how their behaviour in life


Ata Polo Lake, Koo Fai Nuwa Muri Lake and Ata Mbupu Lake
When we came there, we saw that reactivity of Koo Fai Nuwa Muri Lake. It seems like it gonna change it turquoise colour into white colour.
Ata Mbupu Lake

At the top of this point, there is a monument with 3 side. I thought they tell about The People, the Culture and the Nature of Kelimutu.

After taking so many pictures and satisfied by the view, we decided to back. It was already 13.00, the strong wind, the hot day and our hungry stomach made us back to parking area.

But, we were not go home that easily when we found another spot that attracted our curiosity: Remain Dutch Houses.

He got call from his friend about his job, so I didn’t want to bother him 😂
Remain Dutch Houses

We didn’t find any informations about this old building, when it was built? what the story behind it? If you going there and want to know, you may come to the information centre at the south of the parking area.

Kelimutu Information centre

There were some local people selling snacks and local coffee.

Because the day before, we watched Filosofi Coffee, we got influence and then we tried black coffee by the local people. J said they put ginger in the coffee which made this coffee has unique taste. Me: Its like a coffee 😅 *LOL*

After took a break for a while, we back to the car and headed to the hotel where we will stay. I was still amaze with the view. On the way to hotel, we found a hot pool. This pool is still free so we didn’t have to pay to place our feet here 😄

The water is pure and warmth!


Ok good people, thats all story about our Sunday. 

Thank you God for his generousity and kindness, for this chance, for all amazing nature and for everything that I couldn’t say one by one. Thanks to J for all jokes that made me laugh along the way, for every silly backing vocal, for saving me and my noddle from monkey attact, for holding my hands while walking, for contributing photos to my blog, and of course for this journey. 😁

With love from me and J at Ende


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