Thank You for Thank You

Good day good people,

Today, I want to thank you to an old man who was wearing green t-shirt two days ago. I know it is late to say it. I should thank him on that day, but at that moment, I was too hectic that I didn’t have time to say “thank you”.

It was a busy day, as usual, emergency room was about accident and acute pain. I was on duty and my patient on that day was a victim from traffic accident. (do i use the correct word/grammar?). He was a senior doctor’s relative. When he came, he said that he felt numbness in both of his leg, he couldn’t move them. While he still could move his arm. After about 4 hour, senior doctor came to examine him. Now.. he couldn’t move his arm.

And.. yah.. We had different arguments.

Suddenly, another old man, I didn’t know.. said, “Doctor, thank you very much. The pain is gone”, he said with smiley to me and my friend. we didn’t know him, maybe we forgot because of too many patients on that day.

Simple word. But it so relieving..

As a doctor, you maybe can’t save all patient. Some had bad ending, but some are become better.

And to myself, you maybe lost, you maybe broke, you maybe feeling down, but everytime you fall, stand up! Get Up!

And to an old man wearing green t-shirt, thank you for saving my day πŸ™‚





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4 thoughts on “Thank You for Thank You

  1. everything happened to us, actually teaches us something and should become a note to us. one day my son complained about his seniors/mentors who did bad to their juniors. he hated them for what they did. he mentioned doctors or to be exact seniors shouldn’t do that. I can’t remember clearly what he said, but the point is he saw things doctors/seniors do to their juniors/patients. I remember I asked him to take a note for everything, good or bad, his seniors do as doctor. take the good points to follow and leave the bad points to be a reminder for him. I believe you won’t forget what that senior did to you. but take a note for that, that someday you wouldn’t do such thing to your juniors because someday you will also be a senior. but again, God always has His way to keep our spirit up. He brought that old man to give you some encouragement and cheered you up because you’ve done your best. yes you’re not God, but God knows you’ve done your best. and you deserve to be thanked. to all good doctors you work with, always be the good ones. never give up to learn no matter how painful it is πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Mom… πŸ™‚ thank you so much.. as always your words are so comforting.. Ya..since that day, I don’t want to do the same to my junior and yes.. I should keep going and I want to learn again as much as I can.. πŸ™‚ mom, thank you..I am sending love to you!

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