A piece of Betel leaf

Good day good people

Ah.. beginilah kalau lama jari jemari ini tak pernah menyentuh keyboard: beku.. Bahkan untuk membuat satu paragraf saja rasanya seperti memeras lemon dengan jari kaki. Jangankan ngetik bahasa Inggris kaya dulu..buat paragraf dalam bahasa Indonesia saja sudah mirip jalannya bajaj kehabisan solar. Hiks..

Lebih tepatnya, bukan jari yang beku. Bukan. Ini bukan osteoartritis atau frozen finger. But, my brain especially my language part of my brain: oh My precious Wernicke and Brocca… Hypotrofi? Oh No no no!. T.T (nangis guling-guling). I have to warm up again and start to learn writing, because I feel like losing my self when I lose my ability to write and also my english world. (BIG NO)

I few days ago, father asked me to translate a student’s school task “write your story in English”. A student came to our internet cafe, she wrote her story in Indonesian language and brought it to our warnet. Yah, I was the person in charge in our internet cafe as the Indonesian-English translater so dad gave those person’s task to me. I wondered, why student now don’t use dictionary and do their homework by themselve instead of bring it to translater? Okay.. it may become the source of our income but, how will be the future of Indonesian generation if they always choose instant problem solution?





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4 thoughts on “A piece of Betel leaf

  1. well, many factors. probably she has no time to translate it. or, she is lazy. or, she finds it’s hard doing the translation. or, she hates english ! ha-ha … I once got a student who asked my favor to translate her brother’s work. she wanted to pay me a million. honestly, up to now I didn’t know why I rejected it. instead I asked her to tell her brother to look at the meaning in dictionary. funnily, I never regret of rejecting it. any idea what had happened to me that time ?! it’s a million for some pages only !

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