Embrace The Journey

“So often, we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey”-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Good day Good people,

Here we are, August 2016. I almost get lost from my blog about two months. Where was I? I have been in Emergency Unit as an emergency doctor.

I had transferred from a community health center to emergency unit since a month ago, from a slowly life (I mean, stabilize patients, can talk fluently) to the atmosphere where blood easily be found, naked wound, bone exposed, to unconscious patient with no heartbeat, where all of patients’ family stressed in worry, in hurry and sometimes hysteria. To say in a sentence: lot of tension.

I got ‘jet lag’ at the first week. maybe it just the phase of denial, hahaha. I almost stressed out and got sick. I had my body’s temperature 38 degree Celsius. You know, I had worried that I get dengue fever and have to check my full blood count (No! I don’t want!! I don’t want to be sick.. Who will help the patient then? *Honestly, I don’t want to be injected. hahaha)

The other thing that also got my time was my job as a secretary of a symposium. Hah, I forgot to share the pamphlet here. It was about Diabetes Mellitus and we got 8 speakers! Amazing right!



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4 thoughts on “Embrace The Journey

  1. good to see your post again, dear. hopefully you’re doing okay there with the hustle bustle life you’ve been going through. but I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it because it’s your passion. yes true, don’t get sick because people need you. take care yourself well. and by writing this … I suddenly miss my son who is in Lampung for 5 weeks for his radiology stage. I do hope it can be finished earlier because I miss him so much … *hiks*

    1. Thank you Mom.. Yea.. I should dig my passion deeper, like when I was in first year of medical school. Your son must be in black and white world right now Mom..ask him for a stone, i mean..kidney stone, gall bladder stone, etc.. ☺

  2. I’m scared just by hearing the words blood, naked wound, bone exposed…awhh I can’t imagine if I’m in that situation. I salute you, I hope you’re doing okay, and I believe you’ll get used to it. Take care, Kak Cahya, smangat! 😊

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