Dear J


Dear J,

How are you now? I hope you are doing fine. Long time  no see, I don’t know where are you right now, exactly. (Even we just met 2 days ago, but it feel so long and even I know you are in Jkt right now, hahaha).

I know you will laugh at me because of this letter. (I can hear you lough loudly there. –“). But it is okay. laugh is always good for our health. I want to write a letter for you. As you know, this is one thing that I am good at.

It has been one year since we knew each other for the first time. Many things happened in my life. Sometimes I become mad, sometimes my behavior just like a 5 years old girl. Angry, crying, jealous and all unreasonable things of me, Thank you for always listening and always understanding.

Sometimes, we had an argument and that hurt us, hurt each other. I am so sorry for all the bad thing I did. :(. Thank you, that you never give up on me, on us. When everyone see me as an angel, you are someone who know that I am still human that have imperfection, know all my bad side. Know that I can be mad, sometimes. But, you always say that it is okay and cheer me up when I feel sad. :’).

You know that I am not good at cooking, you know that I am not good at dress up. But you always say that I am a beautiful woman, (Hey, J..let’s go to check your vision, hahaha),say that I am a woman that you can live with, build a home together. :’) (I promise, I will learn how to cook. 😉

Thank you for making me laugh and make me smile everyday. You always try to make a joke to brighten up my day, to lift up my mood, throw away the black cloud above my head. :’). Hey J.. now, I can smile and show up my teeth). 😀

For all this time together, thank you. Thank you for becoming such a good person for me :). Thank you for loving me with all of my perfect imperfection. Thank you to make me feel that I am deserved to be loved. :). Hey J.. You are mean so much for me too.

(Thank you God, for sending him to save me:) )

I wrote this letter to celebrate our first year togetherness. 🙂

with so much love, ❤


your chococo:D



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