Deal with Insecurity

Good day good people,

What is insecurity? Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself. Have you ever feel insecure? Everyone once feel it, me too. Sometimes, because of some reasons, we feel insecure, feel incapable and feel that we are inferior compare to any other person. The other person seems like do better than us, more talented, more beautiful and soon.

But, hey. When you think you have many reasons to say that you are inferior, please stop for a while and look deep inside to yourself. We born to this world, because of important reasons.

Do you know, even the small bolt has important role in a big car.

Here are some good and inspiring video that I found in Youtube that can alleviate that insecure feeling. 🙂 Hope it helpful.

Something to think.. Sometimes we forget that we were born with our talent that different to others. Everyone has their flawless beside their imperfection. Nobody is totally perfect, but they are perfect just the way they are, and we are too.

If we compare our self to the other, we’ll find so much thing that we don’t have, but we forget that they, she or he also didn’t have what we already have. That is the thing that we never realize.

Maybe, you are not confidence to yourself. Please, Don’t do it. Be confidence to yourself.believe that you are enough. You are loved. 🙂

You are perfectly imperfect- Michelle Phan

Then.. How to build your confidence by Michelle Phan 🙂


because we are amazing, just the way we are.

with love,





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2 thoughts on “Deal with Insecurity

  1. I think every people will meet the phase that will make him/her in crisis of identity state. He/her will try to compare their self to other people to find their self or talent which may they have. But that’s wrong way right, because every person is unique. May be other people see you different, but if you confident with yourself they will recognize you in the end. If they don’t then may be some things wrong with you that you must try to find and change to be better. But if the problem is not on you, just stay yourself, may be they not your friend. Right?

    By the way, this is verry helpful Cahyani, best regards…

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