Got Some Pearls

“All the good things in life; knowledge, wisdom, love, good memories and good words are like pearls” -cahyanidwy

Good day Good People

pearls ^^


It is such a nice day because today is holiday and yes, happy Easter Day to everyone who celebrate it. Holiday means time to relax (especially, if I don’t have shift on that day). And, here I am,Β  get the time to come to my lovely sanctuary and visit some of my dear friends in blogging community.

Got Inspired πŸ™‚

I just read the story about a smart young teacher that got annoyed because of her pupil that didn’t want to study math. The student always had a way to “run away”. There must be a reason, why he didn’t want to learn. I assume, maybe he didn’t like math. Ah, I don’t know for sure, maybe we’ll find the right answer if we ask that student.

Anyway, sometimes it also happens to us. Whenever we don’t like something, we will find it is hard to learn about it. So was it happen to me too? Lately, I found difficulty in reading electrocardiography and trying to read about it but hard to understand. I think I should getΒ  some courses of ECG soon and find a schedule to study or maybe I should learn it in a playful way so learning ECG will be easier in some ways.

Thanks to Gadis for inspiring story πŸ™‚

Got Informed πŸ™‚

I always excited to beach, sea and marine life. I have one best friend that have many experience about those all. Since I can’t dive or swim, reading is my source of all “under the sea-view”.

It is about scorpion fish, with a well camouflage skill and dangerous poisoning. Somehow, the fish look so gorgeous with bright color but it has spines which is venomous.

Thanks to Mba Indah for the great information πŸ™‚

Got Touched πŸ™‚

Mother. There is no word that can match mother’s love or parent’s love. The story I just found remind me again about how my parents support me when I was struggling in my medical school. How mother and father worry about my exam and how they also felt delightful when I passed. Hahah.. the heart always over react when it is about parent’s love meanwhile I sometimes being stubborn to them.

Thank to Mom Evy for reminding me πŸ™‚


Finally, thank you everyone..Thank you God for everything

—with love :)—






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