The Things That You Can’t Recover

falling leaf

“Once a leaf had fell from the tree, could it comeback?”

Good day, Good people

It has been a year I lost from this blog. The last time I wrote in this blog was a year ago, in 2015. And now we already in 2016! Hahaha. (Er, actually, it is not funny at all, lady.)

Lately I was so busy. Don’t ask me, what kind of business that take my time so long that I didn’t have time for blogging. You may guess I was on operating room or in emergency room all long day. Honestly, I was not, haha. Not all of doctor work in operating room or emergency room like in the movie. Some of doctors have their job in hospital ward or polyclinic, just like me. Since November 2015, I work in polyclinic and sometimes in ward.

Today, my post isn’t about medicine or healthy life, even you see the word ‘recover’ in the title. No, it is not about the brain function more even about cardiovascular. Haha, this is about daily lesson in my life.

Yesterday, I have a fight with my brother. Okay, don’t ask what was the matter but I admited it was my fault. it was me who couldn’t restrain my ego. Since I get money by my own self, I feel a little bit proud to my self. Maybe, a little of that proudness transform into ego, hiding in the dark side of my self. I don’t know until yesterday, I fought with my brother and said something that offense to him.It was unusual of me. I didn’t know why I just couldn’t handle my words.  I felt so sorry, that I couldn’t control my emotion.

I remember the story  about a boy that get angry easily. One day, his father talk to him and ask his son to hammer the nail into the back of the fence whenever he get angry. Finally he can control his anger. His father then ask his son to pull back the nail in the fence when he can control his temper. He did it. The wise father then took the boy to the fence to show the holes that left from the nail.

“When we say something in anger, it will leave scar just like the hole at that fence. It won’t matter how many times you say sorry, but the wound would still there.”

And..just for my reminder or your reminder.. There 5 things in life you can not recover..

  1. A stone after it is thrown
  2. a word after it is said
  3. an occasion after it is missed
  4. time after it is gone
  5. trust after it is lost


with love,




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9 thoughts on “The Things That You Can’t Recover

  1. Duh, terima kasih sudah mengingatkan. Saya jadi sadar kalau selama ini sudah banyak membuat orang sakit hati juga dengan kata-kata :huhu. Ya, memang maaf kadang tidak bisa mengembalikan yang sudah pecah, tapi kita masih bisa terus bergerak menjalani hidup, kan :hehe.

  2. there are things beyond our control. even the anger. sometimes God lets it happen. and make it into mistakes. to teach us to be humble. because without making mistakes, we probably don’t know how to ask for an apology. see, you’ve learnt your lesson. next time you want to angry, I’m sure you’ll be wiser in showing it.

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