Another Day

Good day good people..

I hope, whenever I say a “good day” greeting, the bad day will change into a real good day.

This December, I am still an internship doctor at the hospital in my regency. New doctor. Bold that the word new and doctor. As a doctor, I have learnt about human, medicine etc. But as a new doctor in a hospital, my problems aren’t just about how to diagnose, how to treat, clinical procedure but also should know administration procedure and health insurance.

And today, my patient complained me after I explained that he couldn’t be reffered for his diagnosis, because of the conditions of his health insurance.

The patient just left me with angry face.

Yah.. Sometimes thanks, sometimes complain.
Daily of a doctor.
I hope that another day will be a real good day.


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

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