The Wish for Luck-tober

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One year ago, I still remember the welcoming post for October 2014. It was a tough month when I was still as a co-assisten at Psychiatry Department. Psychiatry department actually is not so difficult lab, unless you got the chance to be a coass in a particular hospital or situation. Time flies so fast. I am not a coass again but soon I will enter the atmosphere of similar situation with different badge : the doctor. It will begin at November, so I have to be prepared in this month : October 2015.

Last month, I think I’ve got many things, many new experiences of my life phase. I got a good salary, I got many new friends in the clinic. Also, I got smile every morning, honestly since few months ago. I think I’ve already found someone and started to believe in him. (But don’t worry Dad, I’ll be fine and keep my promise. You are still the best superhero in this world).

Now, I start to learn how two different person can mean together. I much learn, not only about the other’s character in deep but also myself. How myself react to someone’s act especially the changes of my emotion : happy, sad, confuse, glad, jealous, surprised, childish and the instinct to take care of someone. I learn about another side of my character when I have a someone in my daily life. Sometimes I did mistakes, over thinking and maybe too much talking. But, it is because I care too much, maybe a little bit paranoia). Oh, I realize I just like my mother, I am just an ordinary woman like the others.

Trough the not-so-long distance between us, I just have to believe. Luckily, he is still on earth not on Mars so we still have a good communication. I admit sometimes there is a miscommunication between us, but then we can solve it and learn again about our habit and personality. Sometimes, we have limited time to talk but we manage to keep in contact. He also knows my blog and sometimes read it, but just a silent reader (like my dad), only read without give comment and pretend never read my post. So, if there is my daily life story that I haven’t told directly to him, I can tell him via my blog post.

Dear October, I wish that I could become a better person. I wish for so many good things come to this life. I wish all of my beloved people will be in a good health :)).

Oh, I have to review again to my medical reference and be prepared for my internship.

with so much love


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

2 thoughts on “The Wish for Luck-tober

  1. I just read your update 🙂 oh how sweet that you have met someone! ❤ I am happy for you 🙂 I hope October treats you well…ah it is near to end of October already 🙂

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