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[EF#28] The Otang

Good day good people,

What is Otang? Is it an animal? a thing? a name of new found planet?

source :
source :

When I tried to search in Google, I found it was a brand of a board’s wheel. But, this Otang is different from it. Otang is a word that only knew by my family. It is a secret word and now that word is not a secret again. Why it can be a secret? Is it such a spell? I hate to admit, but yes. It is a magic spell that can throw me back to the past time, many years ago when I was a little girl.

I didn’t remember exactly, how that word can be found. I was about 4 or 5 years old at that time when I learn to sing a song. But, this little girl was not like the other cute girl that sang “Twinkle-twinkle little star”, “Pelangi-pelangi” and another kid song. This little girl sang a bit hard and thoughtful song of Iwan Fals : Bongkar!

It is not a surprise since my father is a big fan of Iwan Fals. So my childhood’s songs are the full collection from Iwan Fals’sΒ song album. So, when my little ears heard the song, and my mouth repeated it, instead of saying “Bongkar”, I said “Otang”. So the song that actually:

“O-o-ya o-ya o ya Bongkar, O o ya o ya o ya Bongkar”

became :

“O-o-ya o ya o ya Otang.. O-o-ya-o-ya-o ya Otang”

That was the true meaning of Otang.

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Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

8 thoughts on “[EF#28] The Otang

  1. hahahaha … seriously, I can imagine the way you say it dear. I have two nephews and they’re just funny when they’re following their parents or someone’s words. but, isn’t it a bit too far ” bongkar ” and ” otang “. hahaha …

    1. Hahaha, this was a story based on what I’ve heard from my parents. They said that I replaced ‘bongkar’ with ‘otang’.:D Somehow, I also find this amusing πŸ˜€

    1. Oh come on Suhu, I am sure everyone had mumbled before they can speak normally..and I think mine was pretty cool hahaha.

  2. I can imagine how cute you were to sing along the otang πŸ˜€ I think your parents must have strong social spirit thus they taught you with critical musics since you were younger!

    1. Hahaha..thank you Mba Indah. Ya, they have strong social spirit and want me to do so. Beside, they also want me to become a fan of their fav singer too.

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