The Portal Combat

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Today, September 29, I and many post-graduate doctors In Indonesia were sitting in front of our PC. Anxiously looking at the web page “internship online” that still buffering, waiting for logging in and decided where will we spend a year of internship. It seemed very simply, right? But the truth, we felt it as a combat, a Portal Combat!

Since it would be like a combat, many of my friends have prepared the fastest internet device, some went to airport in order to get better internet connection, some went to cafe that provide hot spot wi-fi.

I and all of my friends were informed since a month ago about this web online based registration. Yesterday, we were reminded again that the time to log in is 07.55 (server time). Like many others, I already standby from 05.00 but we just sat and waited for the log in time. We afraid to start first or start before it’s time, because there is a sanction that we’ll be blocked if we log in before the 07.55

When the clock already was 07.55, we started to log in. But, the thing that we were afraid to happen, finally show up. Instead of log in, while trying to open the web page, the buffering stopped and showed “Web Page is not available”. I was not the only one person that got this problem, some of my friends found the same difficulty to log in. The Line Group became so noisy of our complains and it became worse when we knew the other friends already finished the registration process. We just anxious, afraid that the quota for doctor of hospital that we want to be in will be closed before we enter it.

The time was running and it already 10.30, and I was still in the page “web page is not available”. I went to internet cafe near my mansion, but it was closed. Still not open yet. I went back to my PC, but still the same. I asked the other friends who finished the registration, but they also found the same problem went try to re-log in. I cried, oh my god, I was a cry baby who didn’t know what to do. Then I called my father, the only superhero of a daughter right now. My father also tried to log in, but it was failed. Seemed like the server was down because of too many people tried to log in. On that losing-hope phase, I refreshed the page, again and again and prayed to God and leave to Him. I opened new tab and read another thing while waiting the refreshed page.

Suddenly, the portal was opened and my name was appeared. I could access the page and choose the hospital that I want. Thank you God. So much thank you.. Thank you to every friend I was asking for help, thank you to father that also helped, thank you for all of you that have prayed for me.

The Portal Combat was finished.


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

10 thoughts on “The Portal Combat

  1. does it mean you finally get in to the internship or still waiting for a confirmation from the hospital if you are accepted or not ?! this online registration, does it also apply for all cities like jakarta ?! can you just submit your application to the hospital ?!

    1. How to say it Mom, haha.. Actually, I still have to wait from the Council of Indonesian Doctor for the confirmation. After that, we will be trained before we work in the hospital. Yes, definitely. This online registration apply to all cities in Indonesia. No, I can’t Mom 🙂 I am supposed to be registered first in Council of Indonesian Doctor 🙂

      1. so those post graduated doctors will absolutely be registered in the council and definitely get into this internship program ?! all of you who were waiting in the same time to be online will get into the hospital ?! definitely. absolutely. no chance at all for any rejection. only the places probably are different for each of you. am I right ?! is there any possibilities you will be placed like in jakarta or outside Bali ?!

        1. Yes you are right Mom :)) We will be placed in the hospital that we’ve choose 🙂 Hopefully not Mom, I want to do this internship program be In Bali :))

  2. Semua temenku juga gitu. Sampe mau cari tempat yg paling bagus sinyalnya. Gilaaa nyeremiin kayak mau perang aja. Ahahaha…

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