The F(w)ish of September

Hello September 2015!

Dear good people, long time no see. I hope you won’t be bored hearing this opening sentence so I start this writing with simple conversation between SpongeBob and Patrick.

SpongeBob : What do you usually do when I’m gone, Patrick?

Patrick : Wait for you to comeback. 😀

So, is there someone who is waiting for me to comeback? (hoping so..) LOL.. and someone out there will answer, “Do you know what is the joke that can make people fall asleep?? Your Joke!”

Hahaha. Ok. As you can see, I’ve not been there for long time. I look at my traffic so desperately because it has been like a downward spiral.(sigh)

Last month, I was hoping for better income. God heard, it also followed by more jobs. Ok, it made sense. Sometimes I went home with tired body, tired mind and preferred to sleep or checked my phone to see some notifications and replied messages. When I got holiday, I spent time in front of my PC watching dorama or movie.

Ah, I forgot to say. I also have a fish in a jar. It is a Betta splendens, a blue siamese fighting fish. I gave it name “Cupluk”. I change the water in the morning and feed it when I get home. The best thing about Cupluk, it never complain if I was late to change her water or late to feed her. Hopefully, Cupluk will not jump out like the other fish that I had last time.

Cupluk, a female blue siamase fighting fish. Beautiful, elegant and tough and sometimes funny. The same as me, right? LOL. At least, she remember me to be like her.

2015-09-04 12.53.48
sorry for that bad lighting of picture. But Cupluk still cute right?

Say that I have delusional thinking, but sometimes I think Cupluk can recognize me. When I get home, she’ll swim to the surface and “blup blup”, give me some small bubbles that I perceive it as “Welcome home, dear”. When I got a stressful day, I look at Cupluk and she will spread her gill, like she is dancing following my finger. It makes me smile. That is why I take Cupluk along when I go to my hometown. I just can’t leave her.

So, that’s all I did when you’re gone. No. That’s all I did when I’m gone.

with love, from me and Cupluk


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

2 thoughts on “The F(w)ish of September

  1. So, is there someone who is waiting for me to comeback? (hoping so..) — me !! this is absolutely !! 🙂 . I always wait your new post. so be present to post, okay !! 🙂

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