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The Month of Independency

I walked down the street this afternoon and realized that there was a different view from usual day. There were many national flags with various size decorated the street. Red and white flags spread the atmosphere of Indonesian’s independence day that will be celebrated on August 17th.

It has been 70 years, already. The rumor of this country is still the same : not all Indonesian people have got “the real independence”, the real freedom. In some places, there are many children who can’t get education, there are many people who live in poverty, without good home and good food. Ah, it is easy to criticize, isn’t it?

Although all of that imperfection, this is the country where I was born twenty and something years ago. A place where I have eat their rice, drink their water, breath the air. I LOVE INDONESIA, and still love till the time comes to close my eyes.

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for your country” – JF Kennedy


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

9 thoughts on “The Month of Independency

  1. Yeeey, selamat hari Kemerdekaan! 70 tahun merdeka memang belum cukup untuk menyejahterakan negeri, tapi pasti ada hal-hal yang harus kita syukuri dulu sebelum berfokus pada hal-hal yang perlu ditingkatkan. Buat saya, semoga saya bisa merayakan upacara kemerdekaan di tempat yang tepat :haha.

    1. Betul Bli, intinya memang bersyukur dulu. masih untung kita hidup di jaman yang sudah merdeka, tidak perlu memikirkan besok mau ngungsi dimana, di goa apa di hutan.. Tapi, ya.. tak dapat dipungkiri, keadaan merdeka ini malah belum termanfaatkan dengan baik.. Padahal kita masih punya tugas untuk mengisi kemerdekaan bukan?

  2. Quote dari JF Kennedy itu salah satu quote terfavorit aku. Yeah we need to ask ourselves what we’ve done for our country instead of just criticizing what has happened.

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