[EF #26] The Reason Why We Should See Them

Dentist and her terrified patient
Dentist and her terrified patient. source :

Even now, while thinking about going to dentist, I can feel a bitter taste in my mouth. When I was child, dentist is one of many scary thing that I don’t want to meet beside grasshopper, mongoose and owl. I don’t know why I am scare to that cute animals, but I know I am afraid to dentist because the sound of their dental tool, especially the one that sound like drill. I also afraid when dentist hold their “pliers” like cunam, to pull my tooth. And, I hate the freeze taste on my gum after it. Hahaha, if only I knew that it was the anesthetic to make me don’t feel pain while my tooth was pulled.

After all of that I have learnt in my college, going to dentist is such a must thing. Do you know how is the pain of a toothache? Our Dangduters singer even say that it is more painful than “a broken heart” (or vice versa?).

Ok, it is not so important, what is between them that is more painful, but a hole in your tooth can impact to make a defect to your heart. Poor oral hygiene is the cause of many dental health problems. The bacteria that live in poor oral health can escape to bloodstream. You know that blood will be pump by heart. The bacteria that flow in the bloodstream can colonize in heart valve and destroy your heart valve causing rheumatic fever and the worse is rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Look at the RHD, the defect in the heart valve cause it hard to pump the blood. SCARY!

It is more scary to have that disease rather than go to dentist, Isn’t it?

wanna have a bright smile? Go to dentist! source:


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

20 thoughts on “[EF #26] The Reason Why We Should See Them

  1. Ow, jadi begitu hubungan kesehatan gigi dengan jantung. Dulu pas SD pernah lihat papan anjuran yang mirip di dokter gigi, “jarang sikat gigi menyebabkan gangguan pada jantung.”
    Misteri itu belum terpecahkan sampai akhirnya mampir ke sini. Nice info mbak 😀

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