The Yogurt of Life #2

Last week I was shocked to hear one of my friend has passed away. I know that all of us will die, but to hear his decease on the same age as me, I felt that death choose the the people indiscriminately.

Another thing that I realize, my life as other’s people life, we can’t determine for sure how long we can live, how much time that we still have in this world. Even tough expert says that human can live until 100 years or more (or less), our life time is uncertainty thing.

Those bring me to a conclusion that our life is a chance, the day when we wake up in the morning is a chance that has given to us. The question is : how will we use that single chance? Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is still a mystery.

Even live once is enough when we spent it effectively

I thought that, my friend Nurse Edy, already had done many good things in his life. So many people missed him and sad when heard that he has passed away. Good bye, my friend. Thanks for giving me this lesson.

with love,



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11 thoughts on “The Yogurt of Life #2

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, RIP. Yeah, life is a chance, indeed. It depends on us how to spent it. If we use it effectively, it will bring us the true happiness. Hopefully we’ll be the people who are beautifully remembered by others when we die.
    Sorry for this long comment btw, but your post is such a reminder for me, tfs 😊

    1. Thank you for your empathy, Icha. May us always do something good, and have the courage to do it..not only for something we left behind when we die, but for our life and another person’s too 🙂 Ah, thank you for you too, for dropping your thoughts here Icha, :))

  2. sorry to hear about your friend, dear. death will come at anytime. whenever it comes, we should be ready for it. we have to be ready to welcome it. and to make our selves ready, we have to live our lives well. that’s the best and the only way to deal with life and to welcome death. may your friend rests in peace.

    1. Thank you for your empathy Mom. I do agree with you, that we have to be ready with that 🙂 Ready to let go or be gone

  3. Aih, turut berduka cita Mbok, semoga temannya mendapat tempat yang terbaik dan keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberi ketabahan. Yep, saya setuju, selama kita hidup yang katanya “live to the fullest” dan tidak ada penyesalan, maka saya yakin kehidupan ini tidak sia-sia. Menurut saya sih yang paling penting adalah itu, tidak ada penyesalan :)).

    1. Makasih Bli. Betul betul betul. Memang harus live to the fullest Bli Gar, tapi kadang-kadang tidak semua keinginan bisa diwujudkan..

  4. I beg my condolence mbak .. :((
    memberi pelajaran bagi kita yang masih menjejakkan langkah di dunia untuk hidup sebaik mungkin dan meninggalkan jejak yang sebaik-baiknya ..

  5. So sorry hearing the news about your friend.
    Agree that we don’t know when and how we die. Only one thing for sure: we will die. That’s why YOLO. Hehehe.

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