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Om swastyastu, good day good people

wp 6

I was surprised to see a notification that today is my anniversary with WordPress. So, it has been 6 years, WP has accompanied me. I remember my first post titled “Hello world!” and it had nothing inside.LOL

When I was senior high school, I wondered how to have a blog. I read many blogs and I was impressed by the author of the blog. How they could write such a nice post? I was amazed with their idea, their idealism, their bold thoughts, their knowledge, their sweet stories. Beside becoming a doctor, I also want to be a writer or a blog author, like them. (If you want to see the THEM, check them out in my community!)

Blogging isn’t only an urge of achieving that dream. Even tough sometimes I produce unimportant thing to read or just my complains about the world, even tough this blog is not a famous blog.

Blogging is my soul healing 🙂 is my place to run away.

I don’t know till when I can manage this blog. But, as long as I can type the keyboard, have internet connection. I will write, for the joy of writing.

Thank you WP for all this 6 years. Thank you for all of friends who have visited and give comments-that makes me feel happy to have new friends and meet MANY GREAT BLOGGERs. Thank you for my father – the letter writer who inspire me to write and the most loyal reader for reading my blog everyday although I didn’t write new post. :’)



Loving God, family, friends, pet | General Physician | Occasionally Blogger | love to write and read | heal the world : )


  1. Yay, congratulations! I hope you will enjoy writing and blogging more, because as long as we enjoy the process, the result isn’t that important to be considered about (yet still important, sih… :hihi!).

        1. Haha okelah.. kadang-kadang memang perlu ganti nama ya. Mba juga kayanya mau ikutan ganti nama haha. Ok segera meluncur

  2. so, happy anniversary ?! 🙂
    keep writing dear. love reading your post.
    about your dad, ask him to type his comments on your post instead of giving it verbally. I’m curious of what he says 😛 . hahaha …

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