Welcome, June

Good day good people,

It has been long time I leave this home. Now I coming back bring some news. I’d been a bit busy prepared for my graduation. Yes, finally I graduated from medical school on May, 30 2015.

From left : King Jalaludin, Salim.. just kidding. My lovely father, my lovely brother, me, and my lovely Mother 🙂

It almost 6 years and this is the time I’ve been waiting for. I can’t stop myself thank to God for accompanying me trough this time, especially thank you for them who never giving up on me, always support me and give me so much love.

Matur suksma Hyang Widhi, Matur suksma Aji, Ibu, dik Dwi

and thank you to my best friend : Suma, Novi and all best friends in Med School : Dwi A, Guan, Lia, Yulia (by letter) 🙂 and every friends whom I can’t say their name one by one, the Professor and Doctor who become my teacher and every people who help me in many different ways.. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the deep of my heart.

It is not the end of the journey, the real journey just begin 🙂

May was closed with happy feeling. Thank you May.

Welcome June, please be awesome 🙂

After achieving one of my biggest dream, I am ready to dig my new dreams..

PS : Happy (belated) birthday to Mom Evy on May 18, wish you a very happy day, every day Mom 🙂

with love,


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

14 thoughts on “Welcome, June

  1. reading your post here, I wish I could see you face to face and congratulate you directly. congratulation my dear. this is just the beginning. you will start your journey and I hope you enjoy every moment you experience in it. I trust you will be a good doctor. and I have faith you will reach your dreams. wear that white jacket with responsibility and may all who come to you to be cured find their health back. may your touch, your wise words, your beautiful and friendly smile and caring heart be a good companion to those who are looking for and struggling with hope. may your presence be the best medicine for those who come to you. cheers to your future, sweetie and thank you for the birthday greeting. I’m so honored to find my name attached on your post. be happy and be humble, miss doctor 🙂 . so glad to find you finally get one of your dreams. and I will also thank God for this.

    1. Thank you So much much Mom.. you left me speechless and happy tearing.. :’) I’ll remember your words. *hug*

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