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[EF#20] Best Partner in Life

Let’s call this person as E, because we have the same initial name.

Who is E?

E is my friend ever after. I met E since I was child, when I knew how to use my frontal lobe part of brain. We were in the same elementary school, in the same junior high school and then senior high school. E also was in the same university and the same faculty. We are good friends till today and maybe for the rest of my life.

How does this person mean to me?

E is my great savior which help me overcome my life’s problem, but E could become my burden at the same time if I don’t be assertive. I would just hand over all of my matter to E and E will solve it fast and preciously. My friend is not a robot tough work result as good as robot, even better.

E could be a friend to everyone, but E always attach to me. Of course, we’re just like another half and in one soul. But, one thing that I should remember in maintaining our symbiosis is I need to tell E and teach E about everything I’ve learnt trough book or trough our experience together.

Beside God, E is my closest one but also the most forgotten person.

Sometimes I am too busy with my day and forget to talk to E and the next day I’ll feel that I’m losing E. The worst thing I’ve ever did to E is didn’t realize that E has done many things for me. Sometimes I become too hard to E, underestimate E. E usually support me, but I always forget to say thank you to E but this person is never mind with that. I help another person, I praise another friend but seldom talk up to E.  I’m easily to say ‘yes’ to another person, but usually become too hard to E. I fell in love to another person but seldom show some love to E. In the end, I’ll just say sorry and again E is okay with that.

After many thing that we shared together, I know that E is the kindest one to me (beside God, my family and best friend). Tough happy time or the bad times, tough in crowded or in lonely days. But until I realize this person to me, I never feel lonely again.

Beauty is so hard to see. Carried deep in things around us. Surrounding things like you and me. never goes away.

Where ever I go, I am not alone. Cause at the end of the day I always find my way.

Thank you E for every time we’re together. Thank you for becoming my best partner, E.. Eka Cahyani, myself at all. 😀

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity” – Katrina Mayer

Dear friend, have you love yourself enough?

This post is submitted for the 20th BEC challenge. Come and join Us :))


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

12 thoughts on “[EF#20] Best Partner in Life

  1. So your best partner is yourself, at all :)).
    Hm, loving yourself is good for your mental health. I should learn on how could I do it without being a narcissist :hihi, as some of my friends said that rather loving, I am hating myself :haha.

    1. Actually, brother Gara this post was inspired by poem that I got in book “7 habits of highly effective teen” by Sean Covey. It is true that our self is our partner forever that is why we should have a good relationship with our self to achieve a better life.
      About narcissist, I think it is also another way to love our self 🙂

  2. I sometimes forget to love myself. I in fact often hurt her so bad 😦 . thank you for your post, dear. I felt reprimanded by your writing here. now I’m thinking of giving her more attention.

    1. Some women just like that Mom, forget to respect their self. I am glad this post remind you 🙂

      1. send my regard to yourself … I trust she’s happy to be with you though you sometimes treat hear unfair 🙂

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