“I want to meet someone by an accident, but stay on purpose” -anonymous

It is said that if we meet someone, we had a debt with that person. The largest the debt, the longer we had chance to be with that person. It is the reason why we were born in a such family, have parents like our parents now, have best friends when senior high school while another person already had best friend since junior high school.

It is also the reason why some persons came to our life, but not all of them could stay for long time. Even they came as our family member, friends, and maybe a special someone.

Even some couples that had got married, who believed it as a fate, but then have to be separated when they finally pay back their debt to each other.

“Some people come to our life and stay, but some of them only come to give us lessons, for us to learn”

When we realize it, then we can let go everyone who come and goes. We might hurt at that time, but then as our comprehension grows deeper, we will be thankful for every lessons they had tough.

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they are yours. If they don’t, they never were” – Kahlil Gibran

Those, Kahlil Gibran said it firmly in explicit sentence, yet trenchant when he said “never were”. Though,  we could not be so cruel to think that somebody is never were, we can choose to let it be buried with the time had passed. Only bring the lessons so we can be better in the future.:)

Finally, we’ll agree that the most important people now is them whom be with us now or one day.

There are many kind of ginger cookies, some are sweet, some are bitter. Learn from the past mistake so we can make a new delicious ginger cookie.

To everyone, I hope this post encourage you and I wish you’ll find someone better 🙂


with love,

this post is submitted for the 19th challenge of BEC. To dear admin, thanks for this occasion that full with maximal confusion. But, then we know how to fix it by our self.

Come and join us 😀 Don’t be proud until you can finish a challenge here.. (although for me, sometimes need so many struggles).

Because I write for the joy of writing

with much more love,


Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

10 thoughts on “[EF #19] LET ONLY THE RECIPE THAT LEFT

  1. What an interesting concept you write here Mbak Cahya. Really like it. Now thinking back about relationships that I have/had.

    Nice to know your blog. 🙂

    1. Pardon me for late replying Mbaa, hm.. I hope the concept that you received will bring you to a better understanding, fighting! 🙂

  2. I have to tell you, I don’t like to read your post. I know what was written here is true but I hate to read anything about loosing the loved ones though for some reasons it teaches us great lessons to learn.

    1. Mommy don’t hate me *please* 🙂 Please don’t misunderstand this post. You know Mom, such a teenager relationship wkwkwk

      1. don’t get me wrong, dear. indeed, what you wrote here is absolutely right. I guess, I’m just not ready to lose my dear ones. though it’s for a good reason 🙂 .

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