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What compose a big soul?


Lately, I’ve been missing again on writing post here. It was not because I was too busy, but sometimes I have to hide my self to conquer my ego or to do some self reflections.

“Take and Give” was one of the issues that was saturated in my mind. We have to give after we do take something from another. In other word, we have to return what we’ve taken or other people have given to us. That is the classic rule for showing respect and built relationship between human.

This life sometimes is like a grocery. If we want something, we have to drop some money. But when we got something that unequal with what we’ve given then we’ll fall into disappointed feeling. In the ends, we stop giving because we couldn’t take back the same amount.

If we look inside our self with deeper comprehension, we will ask our self “where the disappointed feeling comes from?”. Then we should inquire to our self, “Did we give with sincere heart?” or “Did we have another intention that also brought in?”

Pick a random example, like when we did something to people. It also happened to me. When I thought I already did good things to another, helped another, be nice to another person but some wouldn’t do the same. Disappointing? Of course. But then I realize, it was not their fault but my ego that was incapacious.

I don’t know how to broke up with selfishness, but I know I always have every chance to practice unselfishness.

Giving without taking back, return back when we had given

Lately, I tried to practice those new role. Just give, give, and give. Give smile, give greetings, give help, give comments, give time, give some what I can give.

Thank you God, I feel happier than before 🙂

You won’t lose anything when you give, yet you get more than anything.

Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much we give. 🙂

with love, eka cahyanidwy



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7 thoughts on “JUST GIVE

  1. you right. sometimes when we do something nice to others, instead of getting the same or appreciation, we usually find the contrary. and it’s hurt ! but again, when we think it deeply, why we’re hurt, probably it all started from the motivation inside. did I do it to feed my ego or is it the thing that I supposed to do ?! if being good to others is the thing we’re supposed to do, we shouldn’t feel rejected or unappreciated if they don’t treat us back as what we expected to get. but if it’s because the ego, we will always get hurt inside when we find they don’t give the same as return.

    1. I thought that I have to learn how to compress that ego. Honestly, I think that my inside motivation is purely to help. Maybe when I disappointed, I thought negatively 😀 Then God, please forgive me.

      My Guru once told me “If someone hurt you, forgive it and forget it.. But if they did something good for you, how small it was, then you should remember it. So, when they hurt you, remember that good things that they’ve done for you. It will make easier for you to forgive”

      Anyway, thank you Mba Evy, I want to call you Mother too, like your spiritual son 😀

      1. “If someone hurt you, forgive it and forget it.. But if they did something good for you, how small it was, then you should remember it. So, when they hurt you, remember that good things that they’ve done for you. It will make easier for you to forgive ” — I couldn’t agree more with your Guru 🙂 . what, you want to call me Mother ?! wow … I’m very honored to be called mother by you, cahyani. thank you 🙂

  2. Ilmu ikhlas itu memang susah banget Mbok. Yah namanya manusia sih :hehe. Tapi satu langkah awal untuk sadar dan lebih banyak memberi itu mungkin dengan tidak begitu merasa bahwa apa yang kita miliki itu memang benar-benar milik kita. Jadi tidak ada rasa berat ketika melepaskan, karena yang tinggal cuma keikhlasan untuk memberi. Saya sudah mencoba hal itu juga dan rasanya jadi lebih tenang :hehe. Kalau sudah tenang, lebih mudah untuk membangun hubungan spiritual dan bersyukur hanya karena saya masih dikasih bonus satu tarikan napas sama Yang Di Atas.

    1. Ya bener banget Bli, setuju itu mah. Kita lahir tanpa membawa apa-apa, mati pun tanpa membawa apa-apa. Jika tidak pernah merasa memiliki seharusnya kita tidak perlu merasa kehilangan kan ya.. Super Bli! Memang perlu belajar ilmu ikhlas hehe

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