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[EF#14] Cartoon Character and How It Affect to Us

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I remember when I was younger, every Sunday I would had myself sat in front of the TV and watch all of cartoon movies. Last Sunday, when I was trying to find cartoon movies, I found only a few of them, the rest were music programs, gossip news and another else that could not attract my interest. Do our children today have all of these presented shows to be remembered when they grow up? The most important question is: Will all of these affect to their psychology development?

After Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) effaced cartoon TV shows and limited them in some of national TV channels, our children  today may know only a few of cartoon movies. The reasons why KPI prohibit some cartoon shows are many of cartoon shows that presented in TV channel were not educating, have violence scene, using of impolite words and etc. The conclusion is: there is a fear that cartoon movie will give bad influence to our children.

I am just one of many persons who are having Sunday-marathon-cartoon movie. Were I affected by some bad influences? By the new law that already applied, I’ve lost some of my favorite cartoon character. I don’t know why I didn’t find them again in TV channel, whether they already reached end episode or because of banned.

Here are some of my favorite cartoon characters that I’ve lost:

1. Conan Edogawa

Based on comic by Aoyama Gosho, the Detective Conan series has made me falling in love to Edogawa Conan or Kudo Shinichi. Just to review, Kudo is a high school student who have every ability to become a great detective. His intelligence, his persistence and strong intuitive to produce a sharp deduction. Not only great in brain function, Shinichi-kun also know how to play soccer and skateboard. Kudo also kinda good person and  tolerant. All of those make this guy have a perfect score in my eyes. Even tough now Shinichi is trapped in his small body as Edogawa Conan, he still could solve many cases amazingly with his ‘kid detective team’.

Some things that I learn from Conan are his persistence and never give up. By the same initial of our name ‘EC’ I hope that I could as good as him, even better. Conan has inspired me to always have the sense of eager to know and eager to learn.

2. Sponge Bob Square pants

I know this character sometimes looks stupid, but everyone who ever watch this cartoon shows knows that Spongebob was the honest one, diligent, a good friend and full of ideas. He inspired me to always think creative and outside the box. He is the best chef of crabby patty, best employ of the (every) month and love him pet : Gerry the snail. I know sometimes this kid do lie, but then he got the punishment. Beside, all of the residence of Bikini Bottom city have their home at the sea, don’t we think that our children will concern to any life creature at the sea?

Something to think about?

We should realize that our children psychology development is not merely affected by what they watched, but also by the environment surrounding and the people that surround them. By limiting or effaced cartoon shows, it is not a guarantee that children will be safe from any bad information. To parents, it is more important to accompany their children when watching TV whether cartoon TV shows or any other TV programs.

At the end, we convinced that the purpose of our government to bring out the law is to save our generation. We are all hope that our government also concern about some Indonesia sinetron that are more not educating. My father once said to me, “How a teacher can foster and nurture a good behavior to the children, while everyday TV show presents a student that put their uniform out, romance, act jealously and cheating?”


(Yup yup yup, After all long days debating with my self, finally I join the BEC. I know I missed 13 challenges, yet homework that I don’t know when will I accomplish them. But, let us do not feel it as a burden, but a way for us to having so much fun and also improve our English.

The first challenge that I’m taking today is sharing about my favorite cartoon character. This challenge (surely) will be added to my throwback edition category and bring me to some sweet childhood memories. Thanks to BEC for this occasion.:)

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Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

16 thoughts on “[EF#14] Cartoon Character and How It Affect to Us

  1. Barbie. I love to watch Barbie. I will definitely have my girls (one day) watch this movie. not only because this cartoon is 3D movie but also presents colorful scenes, classical songs, ballet and good story. I think this is the most suitable cartoon movies for girls. there are always moral lessons attached in this movie. and one thing that I could take as a conclusion once finished watching this movie is that every one (girl) deserves a happy ending life story 🙂 . but, yes, I agree with you. though this movie is a good one, still as parents we have to accompany our children when they watch movie. we have to make movie-watching as a media for them to study as well. we have to be able to use this this as something positive for the children. thanks for this post.

    1. I am too, love Barbie so much Mom, forgot about those beautiful ones. I love their spirit, their lovingly attitude and their dance 😀

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