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Another Contemplation

I just visited my senior’s blogs. After read their posts about autism, TBC and cancer and the other diseases, something came up in my mind. Most of my posts told about myself and I never mind about it. A friend has said, “as long as you happy with your writing, your story, it is more than anything else. Back to your blog’s purpose.” Then, what was my purpose of blogging?

Previously, my tendency was a personal blog. By the time I met my seniors, read and heard their thought, a contemplation was begun in my mind. It had became self reflection. Like looking in the mirror, remembered the day had passed and the day that will come. From the first I started my blog, I was a medical student. I wrote some topics about lecture that I got, but then like some new blogger that couldn’t stand out, I got lost. Hahaha. Then, I wrote lighter thing such as my daily life, lyrics, poem.

I think,lately I am bit of selfish. Only told about myself whereas I could help others by this blog, like my seniors did. I think that I should be more sensitive to issues of the others. The conclusion is, it is not only myself that should grow up. I have to bringing up my blog too. Right?

Maybe, I will need a help from some of friends that already expert in blogging. So i can restructure this home for a new level in my life.

thank you God, with love




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6 thoughts on “Another Contemplation

  1. We seem to be contemplating at the same time, Mbok :hoho. Daan… saya bersyukur bahwa kita sama-sama bergerak ke arah yang lebih baik. Semoga apa pun hasil kontemplasi kita, bisa mengarah kepada sesuatu yang lebih positif :)).

  2. yes, back to your blogging purpose. it would be better, of course, if our blog contains not only about our selves. if you can share anything positive through your writings, why not ?! the point is, keep sharing good things through your writings. it’s not a problem actually if our blog is only about ME. but we shall not forget, anything that is published should educate people. because we are responsible in giving a positive value to others. since you are a writer (blogger), send the good values through your writings/postings πŸ™‚

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