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“We need silence to be able to touch souls” Mother Teresa




Good day Good People 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR !

You might ask why I said “happy new year” while now we are still on March. But, yesterday was a Happy New Year in Bali. According to Gregorian Calender, we celebrate new year every first January. But, some culture or religion has their own calender therefore they also have their own new year and different ways to celebrate it. Such as Nava Varsa in India, Moslem’s Muharam, Chinese New year’s Imlek, and many others. In Bali, especially Balinese Hindus use Saka system calender for holy days or ceremonial purposes.

And, yes. Yesterday is our New Year first of Saka 1937. We called it “Nyepi” day. Have you heard about it?

Pengrupukan Day

This is the day before Nyepi day (It is like December 31 maybe). On that day, I prayed to the temple and in front of the crossroad. It is believed that crossroad is the rendezvous of some energy, between the good and bad. We have to clean and purify that bad energy into positive energy by offering “caru” as a “Bhuta Yadnya”. That the essence of Pengrupukan day.

By the time, Pengrupukan day become more varied with some people’s creativity called “Ogoh-ogoh”. Ogoh-ogoh is a personification of Bhuta Kala. That’s why if you see Ogoh-ogoh, they will look like Gigantic Scary Monster. But, lately the people more creative and the Ogoh-ogoh can resemble famous person or some public figures..just to quip and another method of some people to say their critique. Ogoh-ogoh even become a competition event and that makes Ogoh-ogoh’s parade are so interesting to see.  The ogoh-ogoh were paraded around the village or town.

Ogoh-ogoh by

Nyepi Day is New Year! But, be silent please. 🙂 Nyepi, Balinese language means Silent. In this day, we do Catur Brata Penyepian means four rule of Nyepi there are Amati Geni (not starting fire), Amati Lelungan (don’t go outside home), Amati Lelanguan (fasting and not having entertain) Amati Karya (do not work).  You will find no car, motorcycle even human at the street in Bali on Nyepi day, and at night, most of Balinese turn off the light. It will be like a ghost town. Hahaha.

Anyway, the real meaning of that Catur Brata Penyepian is controlling the anger, controlling desire, a day of self introspecting. Like Mother Theresa said, “by silent you can touch your soul.”

By silent we do the self introspection, and by self introspection we reach consciousness. By consciousness, we know the truth, the good, and leave the bad ones. So we are not just going older, but also wiser.

Ngembak Geni

The day after Nyepi is Ngembak Geni. Start the good fire, the spirit to start a new year. Now, everyone can begin to work again. 🙂

Hm.. Such a good way to define new year. Not only for our soul but also for our environment.  On Nyepi Day, Nation Electrical Company conserved energy until 50% about 8-11 billion rupiah. 🙂 Beside, because no one use their car and motorcycle, we can reduce the polution.

May the peace of Nyepi will come to your soul, your family.

with love,






Cogito Ergo Sum, que sera sera.

7 thoughts on ““We need silence to be able to touch souls” Mother Teresa

  1. Om swastyastuu…
    Rahajeng Nyanggra hari raya Nyepi :))
    Semoga tahun baru ini bisa makin sukses dan makin mawas diri dibanding tahun-tahun sebelumnya :)).
    Salam kenal :hehe.

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