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Weekly Report

Good day good people,

I have been missing in action this week and let’s see what I’ve got 🙂

2014-11-28 15.35.35

I found such an insect at my campus. Is it a bug? It was so cool with the metallic green color. It remember me to “Big Bad Bettleborg” an American live-action child television series. I want to know its taxonomy.

2014-11-25 11.41.09

it’s called “nasi goreng” or fried rice, an Indonesian classical food. One of my favorite food. Usually, it has meat inside but because I am vegetarian, I ordered it without meat but still tasty and delicious..


Lately, I was on duty to do a health promotion in Baha village, in Badung regency. As you see, the background of my picture is rice field. Like many other place in Bali, this village has a wide beautiful rice field. I wish i have a good camera so i can take better picture with better resolution, and maybe I should have an English course so i can write in a better English grammar.

Oh, I also have to prepare for try out UKMPPD – try out for final examination before graduation, to become a doctor- I wish I can do it good. And, at the end of December we will  have Galungan Day in Bali. I will make sure that I will have a report about it. 😀

Today is the last day in November. Thank you November, for being so kind. I hope December will do so. 🙂

God bless us



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