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How to be a Dragon Master


Good Day Good People,

I just watched “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and that movie was amazed me, not only the story but also the characters, the dubber, the effect, the music, all of them. When I thought it was a fantastic movie, I would look for who was the author of the story. Cressida Cowell was the person who has the root of this imaginative wonderful story and of course, Dean DeBlois who was the writer of the script and director, Bonnie Arnold p.g.a as producer had made this story alive.

This story start with prologue from Hiccup, about the Berk, a viking village after 5 years they have made peace Dragons. On first scene, it is showing a Dragon racing by all of Hiccup friends. Hiccup himself is going on adventure with his best friend, Night Furry-Toothless, to discover some new lands. I love the part when Hiccup is flying with Toothless in the sky full with white cloud, blowing by the wind, oh it make me want to do so.. If I have a dragon :).

Hiccup falls and had a little argue with Toothless about the naughty boy who always jump and fly without Toothless and it dangerous him. Astrid come and see what her boyfriend has done. Ya yaya, as the boy with his beloved and trustworthy girlfriend, Hiccup tell Astrid why he run away from the dragon racing. Hiccup just had a big talk with his father whether Hiccup will be a chief. Still confuse about his passion and his father’s wish, Astrid said to Hiccup

“What are you searching for is not out there Hiccup, it’s in here”

said Astrid appoint to Hiccup’s heart.

Hiccup finally find new land and with Astrid, they meet Son of Eret on the fort encased with enormous green ice formation. Eret blames them for the destruction of the fort and suspect them as the ally of Drago Bludvist. Hiccup and Astrid then back to the Berk, give warning to Stoick, chief of Berk. When hear about Drago Bludvist, Stoick orders to fortify the island and prepare for war. But, as usual, the non-listen-to no one boy, Hiccup refuse to do  a war and want to find Drago to change his mind. Hiccup and Astrid go find Eret in purpose that Eret will lead them to Drago, but Stoick suddenly comes and interrupt. Hiccup, again refuse to return to the Berk and fly with toothless to find Drago Bludvist.

While flying, they are captured by a masked man who also fly with a giant dragon. At first, I think that he is the Drago Bludvist, but famble. The masked person is Hiccup’s mother, Valka. Then, the meeting of mother and son after separated for long time….yah, you know how a woman like me will react. :’) Valka then shows Hiccup to her sanctuary in the safe beautiful land covered with green ice and there lived so many Dragons and the huge one is bewilderbeast white Dragon, Alpha, who protect and command of all the dragons.

Another shot that makes me :”).. Stoick comes and find them. A family gathering :’) and when Stoick ask Valka to become her wife once again.

In the other scene, Astrid and the other riders kidnap Eret to find Drago, but they are also captured by Drago. Drago, with his bewilderbeast hypnotic all of the Berk’s Dragon then go to Valka’s sanctuary. A great battle ensues between white Alpha and Black Alpha-Drago’s bewilderbeast. unfortunately, the black one wins. the night furry was hypnotized and in command to kill Hiccup with its blue plasma fire. Stoick pushed Hiccup, and he get hit by the plasma fire.. The chief of the Berk is gone.

Drago leave them with grief and took the Night furry. Hiccup was so regret of losing his father and his best friend, and such a sailor lose his compass, he doubt his self. but then Valka encourages him.

“You come early into this world, You such a wee thing, so frail, so fragile. I afraid you wouldn’t make it. But your father, he never doubted. He always said that you will be the strongest of them all. and he was right. You have the heart of the chief, and the soul of the dragon, only you can bring our world together. That, is who you are son.”

Inspired by her words and his fathers’ Hiccup decides to return to Berk to stop Drago.

“a chief protect his own”

On this scene, i see how a boy becoming a man 🙂

Hiccup, Valka and the others fly back to Berk with baby dragons, as the babies are such immune to the Alpha’s hypnotist. At Berk, they find that Drago’s Alpha has already attacked the village and taken control of the dragons there. Hiccup fly near the Drago and a influence, brainwashed Toothless while the others  try to distract the Alpha.

Drago orders Alpha to make Toothless attacked Hiccup, but Hiccup succeeds in disenchanting Toothless and make Toothless conscious from hypnotist. Drago then orders the Alpha to attack them. The Alpha blast the green ice to Hiccup but Toothless protect him. Hiccup and Toothless covered with ice, at first I thought the they were died, but then, suddenly Toothless reveal the blue plasma in its body and blast the ice. Toothless challenging the Alpha, attack the Alpha until the bewilderbeast loss its control to the other dragon. The other dragons help Toothless and attack bewilderbeast until it broke its left tusk. Drago was defeated and with his Alpha retreat in the ocean.

The vikings celebrate victory and… Hiccup, finally become the chieftain of Berk. The film ends with Berk being reconstruct

This is.. Berk. a bit trumpled and busted. and covered in ice but its home.

Those who attacked us was relentless and crazy. But those who stop them, oh even more so!

We maybe small in numbers, but we stand for something. Bigger than anything that the world can pit against us. We are the voice of the peace. and bit by bit we will change the world.

and Hiccup proudly declaring

We have something they don’t. Oh sure they have armies, they have armadas. But we, we have.. Our Dragons!

That’s Hiccup, brave, adventurous and leader. 🙂

and That’s all How to train Your Dragon or at advance, how to be a dragon master. 5 stars from me. Oh yups, the movie has the vagabond, adventurous  song by Jonzi and John Powell. When hearing this song, I feel like I fly at the sky with my dragon.. Can I have a dragon?

Let the wind carry us
To the clouds, hurry up, alright
We can travel so far
As our eyes can see

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

I’m awake when up in the skies
There’s no break up so high, alright
Let’s make it our own,
Let’s savor it

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

We slow for no one
We go where no one goes

We go where no one goes

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