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A Letter from The Letter Writer


Sometimes, you might feel alone, feel useless, feel that you incapable of all of things that happen in your life. Me too, sometimes I can be turn into so negative person then, lose my self at all. You want to escape, but you don’t know where to go. You need a help, but don’t know whom you can ask for. Maybe at that time, you have to struggle to find your way, find your happiness.

This is the letter, from the Letter Writer who have encouraged me 🙂 and help me to remember the key to be happy.

-the Letter Writer is a movie that my best friend gave me for my 22nd birthday. The movie has many life lessons. Whenever I got bad feeling, I watch it and feel comforted. I recommend you to watch and learn from it :)-

My dearest,

I hope this letter found you in a good health. I’ve wanted to write you for long time. I wonder what was has happened to you over the years.

I hope you appreciate your life and the source from which it springs. Always remember that you are beautiful and gracious and that you are here for unique purpose. I know life can be difficult. It is easy to lose sight of the things that really matter. But I trust that deep inside you know what is precious in your life.

Remember to do at least one thing everyday that gives purpose to your existence. Look around for the hidden messages of beauty and truth. You can find them in every tree, every flower, every human being.


We are all connected and long for each others encouragement, understanding and love. I hope you know that you are deeply loved. There are many who look up to you and find you as an example that inspires and uplifts. Thank you for being such a good person. Ever since you were little, you were off to great things. Your parents always knew you and had a special spirit about you. You have the gift of making people feel good about themselves of being kind and thoughtful.

Girl Lying on Grass

You might sometimes feel alone in this world.


You are not. Someone is watching over you and blessing your life even tough at the times it may not seem like it. Your happiness is the reward of the happiness you endow to others. I assure you that if you give of yourself, you will receive in return the blessing of life full of purpose and joy.


I hope you keep up your cheerful spirit and I trust that you are well. For now, I send you a deep feeling of gratitude and Joy.

May the Lord bless you always,


The story tell about Maggy, a broken home girl live with her mother. She love to sing and want to have a band but because her desire, she cheat her Mom, at school. One day she got a letter from someone. Such a good letter and she try to find who is the letter writer. 🙂



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