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Be Ready for ROCKtober!

Good day good people and all the brave adventurers,

So happy that I can comeback to my castle even for a while, to visit another friend’s awesome blog, commenting and now making a new posting. Since today is third day in this new month, October. I hope I’m not late to say “Hello October! Please be nice and awesome”.  Yup, that’s my simple wish just an awesome and nice October. God, please oh please..

So, what are the “October’s to write list”? Uhm, hm.. *thinking* Since I am in Psychiatric Department, maybe I will write something that related to it. Don’t worry, I’ll make it easy to read and will be useful in your daily life. 😀 (Or maybe about  a diary story of a co-assistant with a hash tag Oh-My-God-Why. But, I hope not it.)

Honestly, I am afraid to make a promise that I couldn’t keep

I have so many things I wanna share but since the busy day in my new department, the all-day-long-journal-translate, the all-day-study, just let us see.. what will it be.

Anyway, maybe because it is a little bit stressing, i have an idea to cut my hair. Maybe, it can make me easier that it can prevent from the bad hair day or it can give me ‘a fresh new look’ so I can see my life from a new perspective.  It is so unrealistic right? How can a hair cut change your life? Hahaha, sorry, I’m just a woman. And, it is just an Indonesian myth that cut your hair will push the bad luck away.

Here are some short hair style that I want to do on my hair.


Short Hairstyles for women (1)     images

Since I have a round face, maybe the second and the third short hair cut will be suitable for me. I don’t know either.

The most important thing is… Seriously?

Some people asked, “don’t you like your hair?” I wanna have a new look, a fresh look and of course beautiful. haha, forgive me, I am just a woman. I love myself, I do love my hair.

Okay, just welcome to ROCKtober, because this month i hope that all of you have more spirit, more energize.

Let’s make this month be awesome and be nice 🙂 What are you waiting for?

Ref for short hair cut:

Benefits Of a Short Hairstyle



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