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Brave Adventurers of the Month!

Good night good people and all the brave adventurers!

Today is the last day of September, 30. Maybe I should write about G30SPKI (such an Indonesian Communist Party Movement). So many thought about it and they just want to escape from my head.

But, even the explosion of your mind can produce a writing, I don’t want to write without revision, fact and opinion from the expert- cahyanidwy

It will need time about 2 hours. But now, I just have 5 minutes to look at my blog, because I still have many task from psychiatric department like journal reading, PBL, miniCex, study for examination, night shift and so on (please don’t ask or I will get more stressed)

Okay, to make it fast, let me introduce the brave adventurers of this month! *drumroll*

1. Indah Susanti at

This is traveler’s blog. If you need such referents before traveling or want to know about what are there in another country, just check this blog out! You will find so many awesome pictures from another country. 😀 I am sure you wont regret to visit this blog.:D You will feel like you are travelling the world with her.

2. dr. Nusa Purnawan Putra at

This is a blog which basically deliver health information but sometimes you will find politic and religion issues. If you have some problems about your health, maybe you can have a visit to his blog and maybe get consultation for free.. *actually, I can’t guarantee whether the consultation can be free or not, but at least you will know about your health*. Oneday I hope I can be a good doctor like him.

3. Oktarinadw at

This is random post blog. Talking about daily life and many others. I think i find someone’s blog who look similarly with mine. Random blog post.:D *feeling connected* Have a visit to this blog, she is friendly and lovely.:D

4. Optimistickid at

So, are you a pessimistic one? Stop it! Visit this blog and you will be motivated! 😀

5. Hopekenyon at

Do you love poem? If you love to read poem, you have to visit her blog! I am a poem lover and get touch to read all of her poetry.


this is maybe a personal blog, but the thoughts, the process of thought!

7. sayhun12  at

she gave me liebster award, and thanks for it 🙂 She write poet also and nice poet 🙂


new friend in wordpress, I hope i can read another story 🙂


new friend in wordpress also, and this blog kinda a soccer lover. 😀 I hope he will tell about Liverpool too.

Why I call them the brave adventurers? Because life itself is adventure. It simple like that.

Thanks for following me, thank you for being part of my life, my blog. May God bless you all.

*Nb: sorry for bad grammar*

See Ya!



Loving God, family, friends, pet | General Physician | Occasionally Blogger | love to write and read | heal the world : )

4 thoughts on “Brave Adventurers of the Month!

  1. Just realize today is 30th September! Thanks for reminding me Eka! And many thanks for including me as one of the Adventurers of the Month 😉 You are so kind ❤ I feel so honored!
    Wishing you the best for your study and looking forward to read more posts on your blog!

    1. Thank you Mba Indah, haha you deserve more than it! Pingin banget suatu hari bisa jalan-jalan keliling dunia kaya Mba Ndah, thanks for inspiring me 😀

  2. huaaaa, adaa akuuu adaa akuu.
    iyanih, aku berasa random banget kaya udah kenal lama sama kamu.
    you are pretty much lovely and friendly too, dear~
    *kiss kiss*

  3. Hihihi… Mba Dwi mampir juga di sini,thank you… :D, duh, jangan memuji Mba, nanti kepala saya ngga muat pake topi 😀

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