There is an Overgrowth Tissue in Your Eye

Good afternoon Good People and all the Brave Adventurer, finally I can complete “to write list” for September. Yay! Even more, I write more than the list. So here we go, we will talk about one of eye’s problems.

Maybe you will start to be worry when you see there is (or there are) a tissue that growth in your eye. center flow hand towel tissue

No, no. Not that tissue I mean, but


It is known as surfer’s eye. (No, those picture is not taken from a surfer, seriously). In medical term, it is a PTERYGIUM.

What is Pterygium?

Pterygium is a conjunctival tissue that growth heading to limbus and cornea. It is non-cancerous so you don’t have to worry or panic or thinking that you have an eye tumour (altough, limbus tumour may look similar with pterygium). Pterygium covers the sclera (the white part of the eye), it contains blood vessels and slightly rise.

A medical student will said it a fibrovascular tissue raised from conjungtiva extends to limbus and cornea. Anyway, pterygium has grading.

  1. Pterygium limited in limbal cornea.
  2. Pterygium extends passed the limbus to cornea but not more than 2 mm
  3. Pterygium extends more than 2 mm from limbus but not passed the pupil edge.
  4. Pterygium extend to Pupil and affect your vision.

What can cause Pterygium?

Actually, until now the exact cause of pterygium is still unknown. There are some risk factors that can precipitate pterygium, they are are exposure to ultraviolet radiation (specifically UV-B radiation), dust, wind, and sand. Pterygium is common found in people who work outdoors.

What the symptom of Pterygium?

Sometimes it has no symptom (painless) but sometimes it can cause burning sensation, irritation and foreign-body like in your eye.

How to treat It?

Treating pterygium can be medically or surgically. Usually, treatment is usually not needed unless it get infalmed. Medication that can be used are artificial tear and mild steroid.

  • Artificial tears keeps the eyes moist and may prevent a pterygium from becoming inflamed.
  • Mild steroid eye drop can be used to calm inflammation.

Surgery can be the option to treat the pterygium when the pterygium induce astigmatism, severe irritation, involve the visual axis and for cosmetic reason. Pterygium grade 3 or 4 usually is the indication for surgery. There are many surgical techniques for removing pterygium which are the bare sclera technique, a conjunctival autograft technique and amniotic membrane grafting.

Pterygium is recurrence, so even if it removed it can growth again. By wearing sunglasses it may prevent pterygium.

*PS: sorry for bad grammar. This is maybe not like the article of a medical student, (oh no), but please let me write in my way*

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