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Another Mission to Meet Neptune

Please enjoy reading of the sweet morning mood with this lovely song ๐Ÿ™‚

Good day everyone, I am in a good mood today and I will report you about my mission accomplishment this morning.

Maybe some of you wanna ask, what was the mission so I need to meet Neptune.ย Hm. Honestly, I just want to make this morning as wild as my imagination, although it is just a spending time in holiday morning. *just got side effect after watched Alice in Wonderland*

Ok, my mission this morning was meet the king of the sea, Neptune *inspired again with the Perahu Kertas movie*. There are many things I want to discuss with Him. His kingdom is located in the deep of ocean. He knows I can’t swim so He said that He will meet me at the beach, at the most far point i can reach.

The most far? I will get tired if I just walk by my feet. I need something that can take me along, so I can enjoy and don’t feel so tired hahaha. God helps me and I find a flamingo. In order not to do violence to it, the beauty flamingo turn into bicycle.

2014-09-25 07.14.36

Then, we were ready to go. Yipyip!

I rode my flamingo following the road. The scenery along the way was great, althoughย the only one thing I could see is beach. But, I love beach. The wind in the morning blew my hair, and you know how it is feel like. With the song that I heard by headphones, this trip mission was almost complete.

You should know what I saw beside the seashore. It was almost like in the wonderland. I saw a big blue diamond, a big greenish lobster, Balinese mermaid, four white trolls who cover their face and also a chess board with real chess. I regret that I didn’t took the picture all of them.

2014-09-25 07.14.26

Hosh, hosh, hosh.

In the middle of my way, I met the other warriors. Actually they are my senior at med school. Some of the best Cefazolin, they are dr. Ardy Paribrajaka, dr. Aditya Prayudi..and I forget the others. I regret again for not taking picture with them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Then, 1 hours had passed. I reached my point. Honestly, the road still so long. Because I had to return the flamingo-bicycle before it back to real flamingo, I stopped.

2014-09-25 07.17.38

As you see, the sun was so high when i had reached here. I didn’t get the sunrise, but it is okay for me. I sat and enjoyed the ‘warmth -starting to hot- sunlight’. Only 10 minutes, because i didn’t want to have a sun bath or tanning my skin. I was going to meet Neptune, but when i saw around, there are many plastic bags and trash here. Oh my sea. In the name of ‘go green action’, ‘save the world action’ and as the dearest daughter
of Neptune, I picked those yacky trash and put them in my bicycle’s basket.

2014-09-25 07.18.12

I don’t know, who was the culprit of the yacky trash. Why do some people feel hard to put the trash in the basket trash? Don’t they know that their behavior is not responsible? Oh, please. We love the beach and keep it clean is just a simple form of our gratitude.

Finally, I had my time to touch the wave. This is my way to meet Neptune.

2014-09-25 07.26.52

So, here my conversation with Neptune.

N : You got here, how are you my dear?

C : I’m doing fine Neptune, and how are you?

N : *big smile* me too, fine as always. So, what do you want to talk about?

C: *think* hm. How about reclamation? No, no, it’s too serious for a light morning. How about tell me the recipe how to make a delicious fried rice?

N : Are you kidding? Ask me such a question?

C :Honestly Neptune, I just wanna go there and meet you, meet the wave, meet the beach. Those are accomplished.

N : Ok then dear, don’t hesitate to come again if you need to talk to me. HA HA HA. *shrink and fade*

Just a light conversation isn’t it? Maybe, the TOEFL test can include it as the most simple conversation.

As a medical student and read what i had written , i will diagnosed my self for having a delusional thought. Hh. come on. It is only my imagination. Maybe i’m a bit mad -but not schizophrenic one-, and some of the best people are.

” I’m afraid so… you’re mad. Entirely bonkers. Off your head… but I’ll tell you a secret… all of the best people are.” –Charles Kingsleighย (Alice’s father talk to Alice)

See ya Neptune! ๐Ÿ˜€

PS : while i rode my flamingo, i was listening this song. Love it. I feel like falling in love.

“I don’t need the sunlight, shining on my face. I don’t perfection to have a perfect day. I just wanna see you happy, smile on your face. Nothing else matter, cause you are everything to me”



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2 thoughts on “Another Mission to Meet Neptune

  1. I envy you. you can go to the beach and enjoy the morning light as often as you want while I’m here in Jakarta is really hard to find those perfect ” moments “. I love your writings ๐Ÿ™‚ . send my regard to Neptune … hahaha …

    1. Oh, thank you Mba. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know that where ever you are, you still can find happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, Neptune was happy receiving your regard. All the water around us come from the rain trapped in the ground. The rain, before it was water in the ocean. So whenever you see the water, you can talk with Neptune. ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you for sharing your imagination with me ๐Ÿ™‚

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