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Finally, I had done for ophthalmology examination. I still don’t know the result, but I always hope for the best.

Let’s me say “YAY” because I get 7 days of holidays. That’s mean, I have more free time to use to manage my blog, to do anything that I couldn’t do when on duty of co-assistant. To be honest, I spend all day long at my lovely room, yet my warmth sanctuary, in front of my Asus, deliver to you all my opinions -unimportant to important things-

Talk about blog, blogging and all the blogger in the world, I feel so lucky to find another blogger that really amazing. To read what they have written and shared to the other, I feel that i’m just nothing compare with them. Hahaha. but’s it is okay, since this is my own lovely blog, I still proud to have this one blog.

So, guess, who are the blogger that become my new Idol? *drum roll*

1. Evita Nuh


This girl is still a teenager, but don’t underestimate her by looking on her age. She’s so adorable, young fashionista! I have visited her blog and get amused and my jaw drop, bite my fingers *self control please*. The way she express herself with her style and outfit in her photograph is so great and fabulous. Even I’m not a fashion holic, but seeing her blog motivates me to be more creative and just be the best of our self.

Greet Her at

2. Oka Dara Prayoga


All i want to say about this guy is “cool”. Especially all the words that he blends until produce two books, “Analogi Cinta Sendiri” and “Analogi Cinta Berdua”. Sadly, I haven’t read those books. I will have those books soon and ‘eat’ them without hesitate. Don’t forget to go to the website and his blog! they are great too. The way he wrote could make us smile even laugh, but still close to our daily problems.

Meet him at and ODP’s website

– – –

So, those are the inspiring blogger of this week. I hope i can find another blogger. Found such a great blogger always inspired me to do so. Hahaha, despite my blog just a virtual diary and maybe just a few people know, deep in my heart, to write such a cute inspiring blog is a good dream to achieve.

“There are no dream is too big, there are no dreamer is too small” -this quote is taken from movie “Turbo”. Anyway, maybe next time i will talk about this movie. I just watched it and it is quite strange, but great.

see ya!

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