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Am I.. Divergent?

If you like to watch movie, i am sure you know “Divergent”. Based on a novel by Veronica Roth “Divergent”, this movie tell that the society is divided into 5 factions, based on human virtues. Those factions are “abnegation” which is represent selfless, “amity” represent peaceful personality, “candor” which is honest, “dauntless” which is the brave, and “erudite” which is intelligent.

The movie was so great. I wonder where would i belong if I was there. One of my friends said that she had the aptitude test and she belong to candor. Yup, she always straightforward saying, like a everyone from candor faction. Seems interesting. then, i did it too. I took the test and this is the result:


So, am I a divergent?

If the faction system applied in Indonesia and the Divergent person suspected as a threat, where do I live? *start to think* Maybe I will disguise my self as another faction. Anyway, we can choose any faction that we want. Honestly, I want to make new faction, Divergent faction. So we don’t have to fight, but we still do sport. We still help the others, learning and planting. Isn’t it solve the problem?

I recommend you to watch the movie and try the test at

Who knows, what the faction do you belong in.

source of feature image



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