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KKN : Bring me All New Things in August 2014

August 2014 has left me with so many memories. Even i couldn’t share those all at that time, but yeah. I still remember them and i wanna always remember those by putting them in my blog.

One month ago I was doing KKN. Every Indonesian colleague know it and maybe they had done for it. Me too, and i had finished it. a little bit sad because it was over but I am still happy when i remember it.

KKN is stand for Kuliah Kerja Nyata. it is one of my university’s educational program. This is a program that give experience to student about how to live and work in community. The student are supposed to find the problems in the community and find the solutions to resolve them. This is like a chance for us to use our knowledge and apply it in order to resolve the community’s problems. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Okay, i don’t want to explain about the philosophy of it. I am sure you’ll get bored and leave my page. Anyway, you should know how I did it and what the experience I had got from it. 😉

I and my friends did KKN at Daup Village. It is located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency in Bali. It was so cool here, i mean, not only the view but also it temperature. The lowest temperature when I lived here was 15 degree Celsius. -it made me freeze.- Everyday i wore jacket, gloves, sock.. felt like living in the north pole and became an Eskimo. Beside, the high latitude make this village is lack support of water. But don’t worry. When i arrived here, the villager have many water tank so we still got enough water to take a bath 1 time a day.

2014-08-20 07.12.05

The people here were so friendly and welcome for our coming. The part i love was when I went to their home to take a bath, they were showing a kind greeting and they’ll never let us leave them before we have something from them. Oh ya. Majority of people here work as farmer. Orange fruit is their commodity economy. Fortunately, when we were here it was the orange harvest season. So they took us to their farm and pick the orange.

2014-08-29 10.28.58

One of the KKN program is KK Dampingan, such a family that we adopted here. We are supposed to identify the problems in that family and help them. This program was really great. I got  a new family here. And as said before, they are so friendly, made me felt like home, felt like in my family. 🙂 Oh i feel like kinda miss them..

2014-08-29 17.44.45 2014-08-29 10.26.40
Another interesting thing that i don’t wanna lose is friendship. I got new friends here from another faculties. They were so kind and they are my team when we run our community program. 🙂 I Miss them too, especially the time we had spent in our poss. I miss the time when we cooked together, played guitar, PSP, sang song together and the most i miss is when we climb the mount Batur.

2014-08-27 07.22.10

Thanks to God and the University Staff for this KKN, my parents for all jacket and food, my friends and new friends, my adopted family and all Daup villagers. I got new experience, new family, new friends, new hobbies and additional weight… I think i should have diet and more exercise then.



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