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ChitChat with God

Hi God.. Good evening, do you have time?
Oh, i know, your time is eternity..
God, i wanna talk with you.. There is something that i wanna tell to you..
God, you have promised me, that you always have a place for me to come.. Your door is always open for me.. Just let you know what it is..

Oh God, you know it.. You know my reasons, you know my worries, my belief, right? Ok then.. I leave those to You so i can sleep tight tonight..

My lovely dear God, thanks for the day, thanks for everything, for everyone.. Thanks for always beside me.. Love you, God

With love,

Your child



Loving God, family, friends, pet | General Physician | Occasionally Blogger | love to write and read | heal the world : )

2 thoughts on “ChitChat with God

    1. Wrote this post actually relieved my stress and worries, I should thank God for reading and stopping by.. and also leave comment 😀

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